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Every time I search in the relevant networks for interesting blog reports, I stumble sooner or later about any "hauls". Dear Girls, do you really have nothing better to do than to type your receipts and take pictures of your purchases? What is the meaning of this DM/Rossmann/Müller/Douglas etc. Haul reports?

Is there no German name for this? It used to be called "shopping", I think. Soon the Shoppingbag will be looted or how?
Honestly, why do you have to rub your readers or those who are supposed to be on the nose, what toilet paper you just bought?
Who cares what toothpaste someone bought? If at least now NE description would be there, what ingredients, how does it taste, how expensive was it, you would buy it again…? But NE, such information is sought in vain.

Interestingly, such a report would perhaps still be if it were unusual products to store flea market purchases or a shopping tour abroad or specialties, but the Allerweltsdrogerie next door? Then when I see if such a report really is what I think (which I do super seldom), there is something else that shocks me more than the fact that someone writes something so meaningless: people are commenting on that too!

Apparently, a whole trend has passed me. Or do you have to write something to get readers? Then prefer less content and good (I'd like to tell my last blog reports have a high to very high information content) and readers who really care about it.

How do you see that, I have not understood something or do you like such blog reports so too?

PS: I was at Edeka yesterday and bought milk (already in the fridge), flax seed, fruit, cereal and whole wheat flour. WP_20150815_19_44_11_Pro

And at DM I was also:


Just so hers know!

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