Do you also use Google + for your blogs? No? Why not? You can really do some great things. I've used Google + for a long time wrong. So how can you use Google + much better? Simply by following these tips:

1. Create Circles

If you follow someone, it can be out of very different intentions. The one is perhaps a friend, someone from the family or a blogger. So if you want to follow someone, arrange it directly into the right circle. So it's also easier to see what your blogger friends or relatives are posting, then everything is much tidier.

This is how you set your circles in the old design:

If you go to your Google + profile, there is a small window at the top left with various choices. Now just go to "overview" and look at the bar fairly in the middle with "more" and simply filter according to your desired circles.

Google + profile view (snippet)
What news? Google + timeline


In the new design I unfortunately find no way to sort by circles, as I have read, this function was also abolished there. Too bad, because I find it very good to be able to filter on my blogger friends.

2. Settings on entry

When you post a post from your blog, you can choose whether to share it publicly or only be visible to certain circles, for example, only for family or friends. You can often also share the posts directly from the blog into a specific group. or several if the groups do not require sub-categories. Personally, I always write a small text and copy it with the link directly into a grouping (in Google + by the way called community).

You can also assign your contributions directly to a collection, see also point 3.

3. Create your own collection

Also on the top left under profile you will come to the collections section. If you use Google + exclusively for a blog or post nothing private there, you don't necessarily need to open a new collection. You may also want to sort your contributions thematically, for example in food, fashion, product tests, travel or other. Then, of course, it is advisable to create different collections. Personally, I would rather follow a collection that interests me thematically than a whole blog, which may only post a report every few weeks that really interests me. For example, fashion is not entirely my theme, but many fashion bloggers write interesting articles on other topics every now and then.

And it's as easy as that

Simply go to the Collection tab and create a new collection. Attention: The selection of who can see this collection (public or only certain persons/circles) can not be reversed! However, all posts posted to the collection will also be posted directly to your site, with exactly the same settings as the collection.
You can give your collection its own cover and choose from different color combinations. Of course you can also take one of the offered pictures, which I am currently doing for example in my "Beautiful Germany" collection, since I have not found for my little Zweitblog yet a suitable cover image.

Collection 1
View in the old design
Collection 2
View in the new design

If you go under mine in the new design in the middle, you can easily create your new collection there. At the announced you can browse a little and be inspired by collections of other Google + users. As a result, I find you collections that you follow and the collections of your circles.

Why should you put such great value on collections? In Germany, Google + may not be particularly strong, but it is not so much used worldwide. Especially for fashion or travel bloggers I see here great potential to make the blog internationally known, since there is even a group with about 200,000 members, in which only collections are presented. But I'll go to the groups on Google + later in a separate post. If he is interested in you, I recommend to follow my blog by mail or of course Google + (Facebook also goes).

4. Uses communities

At Google +, the groups are called communities. For bloggers there are countless different communities. As I have just mentioned, I will present the communities in a separate post, sorted by language, size and theme.

You can join most communities just like this, only a few of them unlock their members individually. Advertising for credits as with Facebook, I have fortunately not yet seen any, also there is less "off topic" discussed, at least in the German-speaking groups.

View in the new design
View in the old design

How does it look with you, using your Google +? To what extent? Do you have your own collection? Then you are welcome to post this post! and follow my collections:

The box and beautiful Germany

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