Since we currently have a visit from the family, it is relatively quiet with me on the blog. Nevertheless, today I would like to tell you about our excursion to Uncle Otto in the Stuben vineyards in Stuttgart-Wangen. With Uncle Otto you get huge schnitzel at fairly moderate prices. So if you come to Stuttgart once, I recommend you to stop by Uncle Otto!

The distance is relatively comfortable, you only drive the last piece over an extremely patched road and the last meters already over a vineyard trail. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures from there, but I want to show you the giant schnitzel!

Giant Schnitzel
Giant schnitzel with Uncle Otto in Stuttgart-Wangen.

In total, we ordered three portions. Top right and bottom right are the "normal" giant schnitzels, once hunter Schnitzel and once Asiaschnitzel (with extremely tasty Asiasoße) and top left, this is a child's portion (the sauce can be chosen, the little one also wanted to Asiasoße). For this we have once again ordered "wild potatoes" with garlic cream. In the jug we have 3l iced tea. There were huge straws. We would have preferred to have a jug to pour in and get five glasses, but that's how it went.

Since we were four adults and a child, we are super-getting along with the portions. For two we order a Risenschnitzel (a plate with two schnitzels) and the wild potatoes. For all together we have paid around €52, which is a great price, especially for Stuttgart! Who likes can also go to the schnitzel-all-you-can-eat and for around €10 eat as many schnitzels as he likes, but for a normal person a plate is hardly to cope alone!

Uncle Otto in the Stuben vineyards in Stuttgart-Wangen also has a great beer garden where you can sit. Right now it is really nice, under the trees and parasols. And since it is so remote, there are also few cars passing by.

Back we drove through the vineyards, through paths that hardly fit a car. It should not be too wide. Somehow I was so nervous that I didn't think about making pictures while driving. Only when we had the worst behind us and my friend, who drove in front of us in the car, stopped so that my cousin can take pictures, I myself got my camera out. A few pictures of the great view I want to show you here yet.

IMG_1305IMG_1286IMG_1341 IMG_1312

Do you know Uncle Otto? Do you like giant schnitzels, too? How do you like the view in the vineyards? Would you have expected something like this in Stuttgart?

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