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AUKEY Gaming mouse km-C4

On Facebook I have already announced to you that there will be another test with a mouse. And I also announced that one of the three planned tests with the mouse and two other products is not positive. Some of you have typed that the mouse could not convince me. Did you really like it?


Just like the AUKEY gaming mouse de-km-C1 (test report see here: click), the AUKEY gaming mouse km-C4 has four DPI settings: 800/1600/3200/4000 dpi. The DPI can be set easily using the buttons below the mouse wheel.

The dimensions are approximately 130 x 160 x 40 mm. For normal sized hands this is perfect, for someone with very large hands this mouse may be a bit too narrow. I think it's very good in your hand, the size is just right for me. My friend, on the other hand, needs a slightly larger mouse, but he also has really big hands…

The weight is indicated with 165g, but can be adjusted to your liking, thanks to four additional weights located in a compartment on the underside of the mouse. There is also a button on the underside to switch the lights on and off.

Optics and other features

Visually, the AUKEY gaming mouse km-C4 looks really classy. Anthracite, black and silver dominate. While the mouse wheel and buttons are only plastic, they still do not work cheaply. The tongue at the front is also plastic, but at first glance it could also be metal. On the high-gloss strip is the AUKEY lettering, which is illuminated according to the colour setting. Thanks to the well thought-out columns in the mouse, it is also illuminated by the buttons. The columns also look good and not as if simply saving on material.

The AUKEY gaming mouse km-C4 has 9 buttons, which you can also adjust individually. But the default settings were quite enough for me to gamble, because I do quite a lot with the keyboard. But with 9 buttons, one or the other function of the game can also be controlled by the mouse. However, if you want to change the key assignment, you can do so easily using the software provided. The same applies to the adjustment of the colors.

Also the cable of this mouse is red-black and braided. I am also very satisfied with the length.


With like the AUKEY gaming mouse km-C4 even better than the AUKEY gaming mouse de-km-C1. She also convinced me to gamble. The speed settings are very good, even though the low DPI settings are far too slow.

The mouse wheel is really surprisingly quiet. It is very easy to do, but does not scroll very far when you turn your swing. Overall I find the click Sounds very pleasant and much quieter than my Logitechmaus. This is already noticeable when playing.

Of course I can't say anything about the durability of the mouse, but as far as the lifespan of "high-quality" mice is concerned, I have been disappointed several times. So I can't say that expensive in mice is always much better.

The only downside: the user manual is a little too confusing. In addition, the sentences are very adventurous in grammatical order to express it carefully…

Overall, I can still recommend this mouse without restriction. If your friends or sons want a new mouse for their birthday, then definitely think of the AUKEY gaming mouse km-C4! And if you are looking for a stylish, noble mouse, then too!

 For this product test I was allowed to test the gaming mouse of Aukey for free. You can find more information about the presented products here: click

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