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Aukey gaming mouse en-km-C1

The fact that I like to sit on the PC and also very much like to gamble, is now no secret. But just when you're sitting on a lot of the mouse, it's very important that you lie comfortably in your hand and you don't get too cramped. So today I would like to introduce you to the model de-km-C1 of Aukey.


The Aukey gaming mouse de-km-C1 has 4 DPI settings: 1000, 1600, 2400 and 3200 dpi. (dpi (dots per inch) says Wikipedia: "For computer mice, the number maximum smallest single steps per unit of length is given to indicate a" guide accuracy "."). In short, the more dpi the more sensitive the mouse is. With 3200 dpi, the Aukey de-km-C1 is suitable for a lot of games, but first-person shooter players would probably prefer an even faster mouse.

Life expectancy is about 10 million clicks. How long this is in time is very dependent on what you do with the mouse. For bloggers it should be hard to reach this number quickly, gamers create it much faster depending on play and game behavior.

The mouse is about 8, 5cm wide. This is because it offers a storage area for ring fingers and small fingers.

Optics and other features

In addition to the width, the imprint is extremely noticeable. A white scorpion and white spots. As soon as the mouse is connected to the PC and it is turned on, the mouse lights up in changing colors. It's a pity that you can't adjust the rate of change, nor can you choose a color. But as long as you have the mouse in your hand, it doesn't bother you.

The cable is red-black and braided. I think it looks very chic.

The Aukey gaming mouse de-km-C1 has 7 buttons, which can be assigned free of charge depending on the game. The standard functions (left-click/Right-click, front/back, etc.) are preset.

Compatible is the mouse with Windows7, WINDOWS8, Windows XP, Vista, ME, 2000, Mac OS and other OS, Linux, HP-UX 、AIX 、Sun os 、FreeBSD and other operating systems, so with pretty much everything.


For small money you get a really good mouse. She's incredibly good in her hand, much better than I expected. The speed is sufficient for most games. It is also great for people who work a lot with the mouse. Visually I also find them very successful, especially since I am of the zodiac sign Scorpio. One could criticize the fact that the colors and blinking speed cannot be adjusted, but it does not bother me at all.



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