Gaming Soundtracks Part 2: My favorite pieces from World of Warcraft

As one or the other of you certainly knows, I like to play PC games. A long time ago I introduced you to some soundtracks. Today I want to introduce you to my favorite pieces from Worlf od warcraft. The music is really epic! If you like to listen to instrumental music you can find under “World of Warcraft Soundtrack” you will find hours of overtime of the most beautiful music. My current favourites are the following pieces:

Howling Fjord and Utgarde keep

We spent many hours in this area. With a northern touch, very spährisch and quiet, this is one of the most beautiful pieces if you are looking for some relaxation:

Bedouin theme-Ft. Julie Elven

Very sad and with beautiful singing by Julie Elven. Within the game, a part of the music runs after an event in which the king of one of the two factions dies, another runs at a memorial site. In spite of the sad background, this is also one of my absolute favorite pieces from World of Warcraft.

Dalaran Music

I love it! Sometimes I just place my character in the city to enjoy the music. To fall asleep I also love to hear it incredibly. This music is just relaxing and invites you to dream!

Jaina theme Music

Probably by far the best piece of music from World of Warcraft is this piece. You should just listen and enjoy and not have much to say…

Many still connect world of Warcraft and other PC games only to sitting alone in the wind and weather on the PC. But there’s so much more behind it. For film music there are Oscars, but I assert, meanwhile, the music in games is still much better than most film soundtracks! How big the orchestras are you can see in the following video of a live recording (if you ever hear that there is something like this in Germany, write me!!!)

I hope you liked my little selection and maybe you will hear more in Spieleseoundtracks soon!

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