Danger of terror by cosplayers?

Unfortunately, the year 2016 was indeed a very uneasy one so far. There were many attacks on events where people simply wanted to celebrate together cheerfully. Regrettably, this has also affected the Gamesom. Cosplayers were encouraged to leave their "weapons-like" items and weapons remodels at home. Why someone could believe that someone could be disguised and run amok with a foam rubber sword, unfortunately, is not so completely unlocked. Clearly there are also people who have come to Gamescom in recent years in camouflage and with relatively real-looking weapons remodels. There it is still understandable, after all, because at the distance, a Atrappe of a real gun can not be distinguished. But colorful foam rubber swords? So really… Luckily, at least on Sunday there was a view and after made warglaives were allowed.

Of fear nothing to feel

The fact that pocket checks were carried out at the entrance to the Gamescom 2016 was already a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the person control was missed, so if someone had had explosives under his sweater, he probably would have gotten into it. Here the whole thing was somehow not quite thought to end. Anyway, so we didn't have to wait quite so long, also good. I personally believe that driving or cooking or ironing is much more dangerous than gamescom. And pretty much all the visitors who were there, saw it as well. Unfortunately, I do not know how many have come out of fear. However, it was the first time this year that not all gift codes were redeemed and a few hundred cards should be available three days before the start. Coincidence? I think so. Terror, fear, all of this was never an issue in the discussions in front of the hall.

As always, we were standing outside very early to get in as fast as possible and not have to wait so long at the beginning. Besides, it's always fun to meet the same people at the same gate at the same time. Everyone is getting older, many are not adults. On Thursday, then at 9:45 have opened the last gates, 15 minutes before the official opening. Otherwise the rush outside would have been difficult to cope with, as so many people wanted to go to the halls. People with 9 UHT tickets were allowed to go in one hour before.

After the pocket check, approx. 7:30UHR
Crowds at Gamescom


Gamble until you drop

There was no big news on the Gamescom 2016. Blizzard's new add on will be released on 30. August, Wargaming also had only world of tanks (now also for the PS4) and world of Warships da. There were probably some interesting indie games (games produced by small independent developers). and the Guild 3 was announced. You could also try the current version, but anyone who played the Guild 1 or 2 knows that a few minutes are not enough.


At many stalls there were gifts (goodies) When you looked at a game. But my personal feeling was that there were more and better things last year. Most of the games that interest us have already been or will be released in the next few days. Deus Ex mankind Divided or World of Warcraft Legion for example. and other games, such as Pyre or Shadow Warrior 2, were not yet available in playable version at Gamescom. And yet at so many stalls the snakes were so long that the waiting time was often 90 minutes and more fraud. I also felt that many exhibitors have upgraded and deployed a lot more PCs. And even if the crowd was not as bad as the year before, there were just as many visitors. The numbers are also impressive.

The Gamescom 2016 in figures

Number of Visitors:

of which trade visitors:

Internationality Visitors:
2016:97 countries
2015:96 countries

Exhibiting companies:

Internationality Exhibitors:
2016: Foreign share 68 percent from 53 countries
2015: Foreign share 65 percent from 45 countries

2016:193,000 m²
2015:193,000 m²

(Source: Computerbild.de)

More than just games

In addition to many games to try out, there are also plenty of merchandise to buy. Blizzard or Bethesta are quite large and well attended, wherein if I had to guess, I would say blizzard makes by far the most sales. And as in the last year we shopped there this time, but now only two T-shirts. We ordered the rest online as there was no local stuff. Manga and anime fans as well as fans of films and series are also at their expense. There were wonder bags, cuddly pillows, mugs, posters, books, t-shirts, manga and much more.


In addition to the games, the developers also present a lot more, namely themselves! Many stands are elaborately designed, there are stage shows and live streams, esports events and a great supporting program off the Gamescom, where we usually do not participate. Actually, you would have to spend a whole day running with the camera through the fair and taking pictures. But I left them at home and only portraits with the mobile phone, since my friend and I have been to play and look and not to take pictures. I hope you like the pictures anyway!

World of Warcraft-Varian Wrynn

You also need a PC to gamble! At some booths you could look at really great PCs. Some were huge, others had a special shape. Not all can be bought but look really great! No more like these ol PCs from the 90s, in this dirty white-grey and also not dull black.

PC Tower by LianLi

Until next year

There will be an innovation from next year. The Gamescom will no longer take place in the last week of the holiday, but in principle in the last full week of August and then also from Wednesday to Saturday, instead of until now from Thursday to Sunday. The trade visitor will be on Tuesdays. I personally do not find this regulation so successful, since it will probably be much fuller on Saturdays than already. On the other hand, it could be a little quieter during the week. Whether this scheme is now particularly student-friendly will still have to be demonstrated.

Have you ever been to Gamescom? How did you like it? What do you think about the "gamblers" and the companies that make games?

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