Since yesterday, the Gamescom 2015 has finally opened for all visitors. For four days, the latest games can be tested, previewed, and merchandise bought again.

So at 4.45 o'clock it was called for me to get up and roll the rolls, to pack water and food, to throw the friend out of bed, to dress, to make nice, to have breakfast and to leave shortly after 6 o'clock. Not necessarily in exactly that order.

Other games we were looking at were, for example, DeusEx-mankind divided (unfortunately only as a video show), Mighty No. 9 (a kind of Megaman, the game was found via Kickstarter and my friend supported it there), as well as various indie games. I would have liked to see Final Fantasy 15, but the waiting time was just too long for it. Same with the other Blockbusterspielen. I would have liked to see Nintendo closer, but at 4 hours of waiting I always wonder if people are coming for nothing but this one game to Gamescom. We strolled comfortably through all the halls and, for example, sat at need for seat rehearsal and decided to finally buy a chair for my friend as well. This was planned for a long time, but since we had the opportunity to examine the selected chair and test whether the size really fits, the chair is now ordered. A review of my chair can be found here: Click!

In front of the hall at 7 o'clock.
First we went to the wargaming booth. #WargamingGC15

In between we have looked more closely at the merchandise hall and bought two shirts at the Blizzard booth Hearthstone-coaster and at another booth. Besides t-shirts there were also lots of manga and Animezeug as well as cosplay to buy. After the small shopping tour, we still looked at various indie games, i.e. games by small developer companies, and discovered interesting things. Especially the so-called indie games very often bribe with loving graphics, great story and very nice soundtracks.

Large crowds also between the halls.
Deus Ex-Mankind divided: Watch first game play videos
born at kick Starter: Mighty No. 9
Just because of the Subaru GT (the Red one) I have to try it once: need for Speed

As for 18h the most likely tense event, the announcement of the New World of Warcraft expansion was announced, so we went to the hall with the blizzard at just before 6pm. However, it was, as expected, incredibly crowded, so we stood quite far behind. There it was way too hot and you could hear basically nothing, see very little. So we sidn after the trailer again and we watched the show later on the Internet.

The blizzard stage in the morning
Blizzard stage, just before announcing the new add-on

Finally, we're still vitreoret to the wargaming booth to play a final round of world of tanks, this time on Xbox. At 19.30, we were so flat that we went home completely tired.

You can find more pictures here on my Pinterest page.

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