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This winter is one of the darkest since the beginning of the recording. The sun does not want to show itself and hides rather behind grey clouds. To date, only about 78% of the usual hours of sunshine have been reached nationwide. And you don’t want to get gloomy? It often only helps to turn the lights on at home.

With light to expel the winter

Especially in these dark months I like to lie in a blanket snuggled on the couch and switch on to read the light. Preferably a floor lamp. Standing lights are so great because they are much lower than ceiling lights and you can shine with them much more purposefully. That’s why I find them the most beautiful in the living room.

The luminaires by Fritz Hansen in the series “original Kaiser-Idell” are really beautiful and timeless, which one gets at the lamp master. Did you know that the first luminaires of the series offered there were already 1936? And they still look modern today. Why do carmakers not get to build cars that look so good even after 80 years?

Floor lamp, ceiling lamp or yet one for the table?

If you find a lamp for the desk instead of a floor lamp, you will find it there as well. In addition, Fritz Hansen still has very nice pendant luminaires on offer, which fit perfectly in both modern and classic furnished rooms. If you are looking for high-quality and timeless lighting, you will certainly find the right thing for Fritz Hansen’s lamps.

How do you like the lamps? Can you imagine buying one like this?

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  1. Julia says:

    Ich finde die Lampen wirklich toll und ich würde sie mir definitiv kaufen. Vor allem weil sie perfekt in unser Haus passen würden.

    Alles Liebe,

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