In the second half of each year, the best series of the year usually run. At least for us this is true. We just love Superhero series! But also three other series have made it to my Favorites list.  Yes, I know, not all series have been aired until the autumn, but we have mostly looked at them in the cooler and darker seasons. Some of the series are already over the first season, the next seasons mostly run within the next three months, so I want to list here my previous favourites. On the list, there were only series that I had completely finished, so there are certainly no more 2-3 series that we are just looking at.

The Night Manager

Jonathan Pine is the night manager of a luxury hotel in Cairo at the time of the riots in Egypt. When a woman asks him for help to copy explosive data that proves her lover's illicit arms business with British businessman Richard Onslow Roper, the two fall in love. Jonatahan tries to save his beloved by bringing her out of town, but Sophie, her name, is still murdered. The British authorities, who were informed by Jonathan about the Gepplanten deal, are also doing nothing to prevent the deal or the murder of Sophie.

When Jonathan meets Roper a few years later in a hotel in Switzerland, Jonathan is immediately fascinated by his lover, Jed. Again, he turns to the authorities and hits open ears this time. Jonathan is implanted under false identity in the inner circle of Richard Roper with the aim of laying the arms dealer's craft.

The series has captivated me from the beginning. The actors are convincing in their roles and the whole story is very exciting. Yes, if you're honest, much is predictable, but that doesn't hurt the series in any way. Because even if the basic story does not have big surprises, it is the side actions that give the whole a lot of depth. For me one of the best series of the last year!

Strange Things

On a Monday in November of the year 1983, a 12-year-old boy disappears in mysterious circumstances in the fictitious little town of Hawkins, triggering events that put a whole small town upside down. A detailed summary of the story can be found here in my review.

An absolute must-see series for mystery fans. And the second season comes on Halloween! What a lucky thing that in the week are equal to two holidays and we will probably have free!

Update 30.10.2017: You can find the review on season 2 here!

Mr. Robot

2016 is already the second season around Elliot Alderson, an extremely talented hacker with severe personality disorder. Elliot suffers from anxiety and hallucinations. Together with the activist group, under the direction of Mr. Robot, he tries to liberate the world from the company ECorp, to which they attribute all evil to the world.

By the end of the second season, it is not always the same to see what really happened and what Elliot imagined. Much of what he tells his psychiatrist seems to be just a picture, he can't remember anything else at the beginning of the series. In order not to take the tension, I do not want to go into more detail here.

For me one of the best series of the last years! If you like thriller and/or are interested in it and hacking, you just have to watch the series! With its mix of genius and madness and unpredictable twists, it is absolutely captivating from the first to the last minute. The third season was, by the way, very cryptic announced for October:

Iron Fist

During a plane crash, the parents of Danny Rand are killed as he is found by monks and brought to a secret, mystical place. There he is trained as a fighter and appointed guardian of the entrance to K ' un-l ' un. But 15 years after the plane crash, Danny is on his way to his homeland. There, he must first persuade the world to be truly the one who is, namely, the rightful heir of Rand Enterprises, together with the children of his father's supposedly deceased business partner.

Not only does he have to fight for his legacy, but also against the "hand" that tries to abuse his company for crooked business and worse, a danger for K ' un-l ' un. At the same time, he wants to help Harold Meachum, believed dead by the world, who is supposedly held hostage by the "hand."

We've been through the series pretty quickly. She was so captivating that sometimes we stayed on even longer, just to see another episode! Of course, as with almost all superhero series, the story was relatively predictable here, but since the series is based on a pretty well-known comic anyway, it's not that bad either. To what extent the series deviates from the comics I do not know, I am not a particularly big comic fan. In common, however, was the right open end, but there will be a lot of time until the next season. Unfortunately!

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is another superhero who lives in New York. His skin has become so solid after an experiment that nothing and no one can harm him. He also has a superhuman strength. Nevertheless, he tries to lead a life that is as inconspicuous and quiet as possible. He works with his friend Pop as a barber helper. But then pop is shot by a criminal. Luke senses Revenge and takes the fight against the gangster boss Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, in whose services the criminal stand, which has pop on his conscience. In addition, he fights his corrupt cousin, an influential local politician. But his past is not untouched and you learn a lot about the personal motives of Luke.

Before Luke Cage, it's a good idea to look at Jessica Jones for the first time. But even without seeing Jessica Jones, you can see Luke Cage. The series is very gloomy and dark, much of it plays out at night. But it fits very well to the story and also to Luke, who, despite everything that has happened to him, is a friendly but very sad man.

By the night manager once apart you will find all the series on Netflix. The night manager on the other hand is available through Amazon Prime. Actually I would have to list more series here, such as the flash or 13 reasons why. By the way, we watch series exclusively in English, the German synchro we usually do not like!
And what about you guys, have you seen the series? Which of them did you like best? Or did you even find them really bad in the end? Just tell me about it in your comments!

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