Fear the Walking Dead-review Episode 1

First of all, I'm a big fan of the Walking Dead, but also a giant. I find Ariell the mermaid too exciting, so I went back to look at zombies. Nightmares are booked, the fingernails Abgeknabbert, here is a first review with a rough summary of the story of the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead (spoiler!):

Main plot

The episode begins in a church in which a young man, who is obviously under the drug, wakes up. Pretty quickly he notices that his "friends" are dead and his bedside companion is rumknabberting another junkie. Completely frightened, he runs away and panics on the road, where he is naturally hit by a car.

The mother of the young man and her friend are teachers and teach at the same school. They visit their drug-addicted son, Nick, in the hospital, where they find him tied to the bed. Nick tells Travis (the friend of Nick's mother Madison) What happened in the church, whereupon he drives to the church and finds blood and something that looks like brain, but no corpses. Nick soon manages to get rid of the hospital and flee.

His parents are very concerned and are immediately looking for a job without turning on the police. Since Nick is already over 18, the hospital also sees no need to do anything. First, his parents are looking for a friend of his, Calvin. Since they do not find him there, they go to the church, because "everything began there". Again, they only find blood, but no corpses. On the way home, they get into a traffic jam, and the next day they find out on TV that he was caused by a zombie who died in an accident. This zombie has bitten several rescue forces before he was killed with a shot in the head. What happens to the rescue forces, whether they are transformed, is not found here.
However, the authorities will leave the next day free of charge after half a day. Nick's sister Alicia does not want to go home, because her boyfriend did not show up at the agreed meeting point the evening before and also did not respond to her messages. In one of the school buses that the students are supposed to bring home, Madison sees a boy sitting, to whom she has taken a knife the day before, which he took with him to protect himself. As he says, there have been several unexplained incidents in five states and he fears that they might be connected and they are all in danger.

Nick finally manages to contact Calvin and meet him. As it turns out, Calvin Nick's dealer fears that he might have told his parents where he was referring to his drugs. Nick has the presumption that bad drugs cause hallucinations with him, and it also speaks openly. Calvin pretends to want to help him and both get in his car. But Calvin goes to a secluded place under a bridge and is going to shoot Nick. But he sees the weapon and attacks his friend. In the ensuing battle, Calvin is hit deadly by a bullet, which makes Nick an occasion to flee and call his parents. Together they want to check whether Calvin is still alive. But when they reach the spot, they find the car, but not a corpse. On the way out of the tunnel (Travis prefers to drive 50m backward instead of turning), a person comes in from behind to the car. It turns out Calvin, who also promptly attacks Nick's parents when they get out of the car. Nick saves his parents by passing Calvin over several times. With multiple fractured bones, unable to rise, zombie Calvin is finally lying, still not properly dead.

The first episode ends here as well.


As always, there are many inconsistencies. The finding of blood in a church inhabited by junkies is obviously no reason to inform the police? And of course, a wise adult man goes alone at night to the place of the crime, completely unarmed and without anyone knowing about it…
During the episode you see someone strolling through a playground, obviously a zombie. There are, however, apparently no more incidents, but it can hardly be explained that, except for the above described, no zombies are reported.
Some storylines are being cut, but it is left to the imagination of the spectator to think their part.

However, the voltage build-up works quite well, some things are predictable, and others are not directly. The mix has been quite good for me. I also found the tension construction very successful. It is expected that something will happen and then…

Whether I'm going to like the new series as well as The Walking dead, I can't say yet, but the first episode was pretty promising even though it included fewer zombies than the first episode of the main series. On the other hand, the development seems to me to be somewhat more realistic (Rick, the main character has supposedly lain in a coma for weeks, even when the KH was already cleared, without food and water or other infusions). The plot of the characters is not always conclusive and partly even superficially cut. We will certainly look at the next episodes, bridging the waiting time to the start of the next season of The Walking Dead. Oh yes, im recommending to watch the series in the original and not dubbed!

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