Eurosell 130cm Tripod Camera tripod-incl. Raffle!

As a hobby photographer, I was very pleased to be able to try out this tripod as part of a free product test.

The Eurosell 130cm Tripod camera tripod gives a maximum weight that can be loaded with 2kg. This may sound like a lot, but it is almost too little for many cameras, including lens. Considering that many SLR cameras alone weigh 600-900g (in the Under-to-mid-range, the full-frame cameras are often even heavier) and a good telephoto lens can also bring a decent weight, then you immediately realize that the tripod is not for all is suitable. However, it is sufficient for home use, especially for compact cameras, camcorders but also for various bridge cameras.

You can take the Eurosell tripod off to 130cm. The legs are divided into three parts, each of which is infinitely extensible. In addition, the head can be continuously removed. Unfortunately, the connection on the head is not removable, so you have to screw the camera directly. This is a little impractical, I personally prefer a removable attachment. Tilting to the side is also not really possible, you can only rotate the head horizontally and vertically. means that you can only photograph in landscape format, but not in portrait mode, except in one position, but then the camera cannot be moved further and you have to rotate the whole tripod.

It is also a pity that the coating has slight abrasions from pulling out after a short time, a slightly longer shelf life would have been nicer here. Because the color is really great, thanks to the brown the tripod looks really noble and also makes a lot of visuals!
Overall, the tripod is quite good for the price and for home use, you can use it for example to record videos. For ambitious hobby photographers, however, it is not agile and stable enough.

Do you like the tripod? Then I have good news for you! You can win it! Just go to my Facebook page, there you will find the exact instructions what you have to do! The raffle runs until the 31st July 2017!

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