Don't whine, make. I saw the saying on a cup that the company of a former colleague has bought. I found the saying so great that I took the cup with me (he gave it to me officially!). Just when I decided to write a blog post on the topic, I have discovered the blog parade "Are you already alive, or are you still dreaming?" by Claudia. The theme fits I think quite well.

Don't whine, do it!

Who does not know this from the family, the circle of friends or acquaintances and above all from oneself? Something in our lives is part of our nuts, so much so that we complain about it. This is also OK, as long as this thing does not take over and has a long-term negative impact on our lives. However, as soon as we constantly think about what is bothering us, many of us also start complaining about it permanently and continuously. The colleague complains almost daily about the stupid boss and the stupid work he has to do. The best friend howls at us the ears full that the kindergarten next to her house is so noisy. The brother tells every time that he has no money for a new car, because the weekly trips with the buddies are so expensive. You listen to them patiently, day after day after day. Maybe even you are one of the three! Unhappy with the figure, the job, the apartment, the friends, the whole life.

But and question mark

This dissatisfaction can be extremely burdensome because it eventually determines our everyday life. At some point we realize that we need to change something. And there it is, the great but, mostly in combination with three very big question marks. But I can't do it anyway, but it never works. What shall I do? What if it doesn't work? Don't whine, do it! Of course you don't know if the change will bring you the desired success! But one thing is clear, if you don't do anything, nothing will happen! One has three options in life: love it, change it or leave it (love it, change it or leave it behind). Loved ones do what you don't mind, so just keep changing it or leaving it behind.


Change is difficult, it often requires courage and a lot of willpower. A conversation with the boss, who may not even know that the work is so anödet and his yet witty-meant sayings affect you, can improve the situation. And if not, then there is option three to find and cancel a new job (for all the hard cases also in reverse order). For weight reduction you have to change your habits (more exercise, less unhealthy food, possibly even less food in general), you can only save money if you don't spend it, and for more rest you may have to move sometimes. But one thing is quite clear, only the Rumjammern will not change. Therefore, the next time you or the whiners simply ask the question "and what are you doing against your problem?". I almost want to bet that most will answer with "Nothing!". Then tell them and you that it may not be so bad and the constant rumgejammer just sucks!

And who says now that it is so hard to change something, I say from my own experience that it is not! You just have to start! After work do not wait for the couch to rest, but turn off the bag, move and exercise. Simply write an application on the weekend. View New apartments. Ask the Buddies if you don't want to drink beer at home instead of in the pub. Or just leave it entirely. Since the beginning of April I have been doing sports at least 5 times a week. Right after work. I buy almost no candy, the Christmas chocolate is still not exterminated. After a better job I always look, you can, for example, first of all to keep his profiles at monster or Xing or wherever current. Whatever disturbs you, it is important that you change something about your life, because only then can you work to eliminate the problem.

Of course, a change is not a guarantee of improvement. In the House of the new apartment can also later move into a large family, in the new job does not bother the boss, but the colleague and now you have to clean after the evenings at home suddenly on Sunday again. But if you don't start with it, you're still dreaming your better life than living your dreams! Don't be discouraged, setbacks belong to life, you just have to get up once more than you fall. So stop whining and make it easy!

In this context I would like to introduce to you once again my miniseries "Realize Your Dreams":
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And what about you? Are you also one of those who whine a lot? Or are you constantly whining about someone's ears? Have you already changed something in your life or are you planning it? What was that, how did you do it? Was the outcome satisfactory? I'm looking forward to your experiences!

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