A long day is ending. I was on my way and wanted to relax in the bathtub in the evening. Just before you have to clean up the kitchen and wash away the dishes, which is better not cleaned in the dishwasher. After the pool was already half full, I really wondered why the water is still cold. In the bathroom there was no hot water from the tap.

So get down to the neighbors. Nix. It's cold. called the emergency Service. The heating system has failed once again. Only the third time in four weeks, so no cause for excitement. Well, sure…

But once again it became clear to me how extremely dependent we are of electricity and functioning technology. A power outage during the day is a medium catastrophe, but on a rainy Sunday afternoon in November, preferably with children in the house, almost a meltdown is the same! Not being able to bathe is the one. At worst, I would have heated up water with the kettle and washed my hair in the sink. It would have been enough for a eke cat wash. Many say yes, cold showers are really great. Well, who likes it, I prefer to shower warm.

But what do you do now when everything goes down? No more electricity, for days. Do you have enough food in the house that you can consume without heating it to withstand days? Maybe you have a gas grill, then you will surely have a short time on the rounds. I don't own such a thing. I personally consider a campfire on the balcony to be very impractical. Apart from the fact that you have to get into the woods somehow to collect wood. Without functioning technology there is hardly any hot food.

If the cars no longer drive because there is no gasoline (refueling is only with electricity), then the fun begins. Yes, and if you're in the hospital or need an ambulance, it's going to be critical. Even hospitals cannot keep the emergency power on forever. Medications cannot be refrigerated, blood preserves are broken.

Some time ago, when the electricity was down for about 1.5 hours here in the village, I also had a talk with a colleague about this topic. He recommended with the novel "Blackout-Tomorrow it is too late" *. This is also a case of a power outage, which covers the whole of Europe. Have you read it yet? Is he worth it?

Now and then you have to worry about what we would do when it really comes to that. Hardly one cooks food yet, even the stocking, as my grandparents and partly my parents still lived, disappears more and more. And who does it help if you have the cellar full of potatoes but can't heat them? Sometimes our dependence on power and functioning technology really scares me!

How do you see that? Do you even think about it sometimes? Or do you prefer to displace it? Could you and your families take care of you for a few days when it comes to that? Write me your thoughts in the comments!

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