Daredevil-a conclusion

As I have already written, we started to look at Daredevil last Friday.
Unfortunately, the first season has only 13 episodes.

To the plot:
The character, Matt Murcdoc, blind at the age of 9 in an accident where radioactive fluid is running into his eyes. At the same time, his other senses were sharpened. His father, a boxer, attaches great importance to the fact that Matt, in spite of everything, learns for school to have a better life later than he can offer his son at present. After he refused to lose a boxing match, although it was otherwise agreed, Jack Murdoch is assassinated and Matt grows up in the wise man's.
As an adult, Matt works together with his friend Foggy Nelson as a lawyer and opens his own law firm in Hells Kitchen, the part of New York where both grew up.
At night, Matt disguises himself as a black-clad man with a mask that he only pulls over his eyes, crime. The main villain of the first season is Wilson Fisk, whose real idea was to rebuild Hells Kitchen and eradicate poverty and crime while simultaneously serving illegal methods and collaborating with various criminal cartels. During his fight against Fisk and his allies, Matt suffers some defeats that put him and his friends at risk and also threaten to destroy their friendship.

As I have already written in my first post, this series is not suitable for children due to the (mostly quite realistic) portrayal of violence. However, I felt the combat scenes as not totally exaggerated, although of course the superhuman abilities of Matt Murdoch are also recognizable in the combat scenes.
The characters are very good and convincingly portrayed and some of them grow very fond of them, even some of the "bad guys".
In itself, the primary storyline of the first season has been completed, but there have been some twists and turns that provide enough material for another season.

However, I do not want to reveal too much, because one or the other will perhaps still look at the series and I do not want to anticipate the überraschensten twists.

My conclusion:
Thumbs up! Super-implemented series that has captivated both of us. Then you go to bed once more to see another episode and learn how to proceed. I really hope there will be a second season, enough cliffhanger would be there anyway.

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