Super delicious recipe for gorgeous spiced cream

It’s December and Christmas is coming. Outside it is cold and this year there is also some snow. In the evening you like to sit by candlelight with biscuits and tea on the couch and read a good book or watch TV. I like to eat spiced, because you could stand on the shelf all year round! That’s why I was so excited when I discovered the Edeka spiced cream!

Spiced Cream

And when searching the internet for other manufacturers I came across some great recipes to make myself. Since most of them included a lot of sugar, I changed my a little bit. You should reckon with about 20-30 minutes for the preparation (depending on how fast you get the biscuits small).

Spiced Cream

Ingredients for the spiced cream

Instead of cream, you can also take condensed milk. But do not take less liquid, otherwise it becomes more of a spiced rubber than a cream (I know what I am talking about…)
First, the biscuits are ground as fine as possible. I only have a magic wand, so it takes quite a long time. Tip: First cover the bowl with a cloth so that the biscuit crumbs do not fly throughout the kitchen. With a stand mixer or a coffee grinder it should go significantly faster (if your coffee grinder is not as small as ours).

Spiced Cream

Next, butter, cream and sugar are heated together in the pot or microwave until the butter is completely liquid. Stir the sugar well. Now mix everything with the spiced spice and the crushed biscuits and stir very well until everything produces a creamy mass.

The finished cream is now refilled in jars and stored in the refrigerator. It is best to get it from the refrigerator 10-15 minutes before you eat it, so that it is no longer as hard as it gets. By the way, with beautifully decorated glasses This makes a great gift for Santa Claus or Christmas!

Spiced Cream

Spiced Cream

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Blog Parade-My first car

When I saw that on Vecartec a call to the blog parade was launched, which carries the title “My first Car”, it was clear that I would have to write something about it too.

At the first car from my childhood I can only remember dark. We had two VW buses, one in orange and one in red. I think the orange was the first. With the buses we went to Turkey and spent our summer vacation there. Three or four weeks on the track we were on the way.

Over the years only vehicles of the VW Group came into the house, because my father was hired by a VW-daughter. 2012, I moved professionally to Karlsruhe and drove home every weekend. After about 16 years of the Ibiza was no longer suitable for long-haul, my father bought a golf with which I should drive for the time being. But after another year, the Ibiza also stopped driving in the city and I had to decide if I wanted to continue the golf and my father buys another car or I.

Since this year an IAA was held again in Stuttgart my friend and I drove on the way back from my home vacation there. For the last six months we have tested various vehicles, but apart from the Toyota GT86 and Subaru GT, nothing really convinced me. And as luck would have it, just at the Subaru Booth we met the trader from Duisburg. He would still have a black GT in the store that I could have within a week. So I spent the next few days comparing prices and asking other dealers. But no one had a similar price and was able to give a guarantee for 5 years. So it became it, the Black GT.

My first own car

And because Black is such a boring color, an appointment was immediately booked at the Folierer, who made me this incredibly cool yellow on the car. Sunflower Matt Metallic. The most beautiful color I could imagine for my car! That was at the beginning of October 2013. Since October 2017, my car has been paid off and belongs to me all by myself! By the way, for a long time my GT was the only yellow in Germany, until Toyota released a yellow edition and also one or the other wrapped or dipped his car. Many yellows still do not exist!

the car. In color, that’s striking. I am regularly referred to the car and the color. Luckily only by people who find the car or the color beautiful. There have already been some very nice conversations with this. So you don’t necessarily need a dog to get into conversation with strange people.

Unfortunately, you can now see some quirks on the film. Unfortunately, my fellow people on the parking lot are not very respectful. And sometimes there’s something on the street. But the film is also there to protect the paint. And look good still does it!

The most beautiful memory with my car

Phew, what was the most beautiful is hard to say. Especially the rides through the vineyards make me a lot of fun. Curvy streets, green forests, beautiful views and if you get up early enough, breathtaking sunrises! But see for yourself, photos often say more than 1000 words!

For all those who buy a new car, I can only recommend to do a driving safety training to get to know the new car.

What was your first car? What have you experienced with the car?

5 books you must read

There are books that are good, and there are books that are fantastic. Today I want to introduce you to 5 books, which I find absolutely terrific. 5 books you should have read! And perhaps one or the other will find an inspiration for a Christmas present. Or just a good book for yourself.

1. The Great Gatsby

Probably the best book by F. Scott Fitzgerald*. Gatsby, the neighbor of narrator Nick Carraway, is a young millionaire and opaque businessman. His origin, his education and his wealth offer plenty of substance for rumors. He is also known for his rushing parties. But in the bottom of his heart he only wants to recover his lost love, which is now married to another man. But after a disastrous quarrel, history takes an unexpected course. Whether Jay Gatsby will still be happy in the end?

You can find the German version for example here:


Personally, however, I recommend reading the book in English *.

2. Norwegian Woods

My absolute favorite book by Haruki Murakami*. As an adult man, Kamikawa Watanabe remembers his first great love. After his best friend took his life with just 17 years, after graduating from school he loses contact with his girlfriend Naoko. But a few months later they meet again in the Tokyo subway and their friendship lives again and it develops also a tender love relationship.

But Naoko has still not overcome the death of her first friend and is brought to a sanatorium by her parents, where Kamikawa also visits her. Meanwhile, Midori Kobayashi has entered his life. But at first he can’t decide between the two. Only after another person takes his life in Tōrus environment does he know who his heart really belongs to.


3. The Magicians’ Guild: The Black Magician Trilogy Book 1

The prelude to Trudi Canavans masterful trilogy “The Guild of Black Magicians”. Sonea, a young girl from Imardin, grows up in poor conditions. But one day she gets involved in a uprising, during which it turns out that she also has undiscovered magical abilities. But the magicians initially suspect a boy next to her to be responsible for the magic attack. Instead of numbing him, however, he is accidentally killed, whereupon Sonea now has to hide from the magicians in order not to become the target himself.

When Sonea, however, gradually no longer manages to control their magical abilities and their friend Čery can no longer hide them, they seek help from thieves who demand that Sonea and čery work for them. But they too cannot prevent the Sonea from losing control of their powers. Finally, it is found by the magicians and added to the guild where it is to be taught. But as a girl from the underclass she does not have it easily and she has to endure some adversity. And then also her friend Čery is captured by one of the magicians.

Actually I would have to mention all the other novels of Trudi Canavan* in my list, but that would now blow up the framework.


4. You are a Badass at Making Money

To be successful it depends on the inner attitude, says Jen Sincero*. To become rich too. An entertaining written guide on how to steer your inner attitude towards success and money in the right ways. Much was known to me, because it resembled my previous career. To think positively, to indulge in something, to believe that money is something good, you can learn.


5. The Secret Garden

A classic written by Frances Hodgson Burnett *. By the way, the book of the Little Lord * comes from her pen.

Mary Lennox lives with her parents in India, but mostly raised a nanny. But during a cholera epidemic, both her nanny and her parents die. She is then brought to England as her only known relative, her uncle and current Guardian Archibald Craven. Yet the man still mourns his wife, who died years ago.

The initially warped and sickly girl, however, finds a secret garden, enclosed for years behind walls, which it begins to take care of in secret. Then suddenly she meets her cousin, who sits in a wheelchair. It is developing a wonderful friendship that will not only change Mary’s life.

A really wonderful book, which you can also read very well in English. Even if it is declared as a children’s and youth book, this story is also beautiful for adults to read!


I hope you enjoyed my selection. Maybe you already know one of the books? Then tell me how you found it and if you would recommend it to anyone!

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