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It’s December and Christmas is coming. Outside it is cold and this year there is also some snow. In the evening you like to sit by candlelight with biscuits and tea on the couch and read a good book or watch TV. I like to eat spiced, because you could stand on the shelf all year round! That’s why I was so excited when I discovered the Edeka spiced cream! And when searching the internet for other manufacturers I came across some great recipes to make myself. Since most of

Blog Parade-My first car

When I saw that on Vecartec a call to the blog parade was launched, which carries the title “My first Car”, it was clear that I would have to write something about it too. At the first car from my childhood I can only remember dark. We had two VW buses, one in orange and one in red. I think the orange was the first. With the buses we went to Turkey and spent our summer vacation there. Three or four weeks on the track we were on the way.

Christmas has been over for a few weeks now and the new year is slowly taking off. Nobody thinks of Christmas anymore. But you should, as you will again have to buy maaaaaany presents for kids and family! And then there is your next vacation. Whether it’s a short trip or a  along distance flight, you will need some money in any case. But with a few tricks and some discipline, everyone can manage to save a few bucks by the target date. I have already told you in detail

5 books you must read

There are books that are good, and there are books that are fantastic. Today I want to introduce you to 5 books, which I find absolutely terrific. 5 books you should have read! And perhaps one or the other will find an inspiration for a Christmas present. Or just a good book for yourself. 1. The Great Gatsby Probably the best book by F. Scott Fitzgerald*. Gatsby, the neighbor of narrator Nick Carraway, is a young millionaire and opaque businessman. His origin, his education and his wealth offer plenty of

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