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A long day is ending. I was on my way and wanted to relax in the bathtub in the evening. Just before you have to clean up the kitchen and wash away the dishes, which is better not cleaned in the dishwasher. After the pool was already half full, I really wondered why the water is still cold. In the bathroom there was no hot water from the tap. So get down to the neighbors. Nix. It's cold. called the emergency Service. The heating system has failed once again. Only

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome back to my little tour of Europe, which was unfortunately not so well started. If you missed the first parts, look here: Day 1 Day 2-Part 1 Day 2-Part 2 Day 3 Finally in Milan In the meantime we have arrived in Milan. In the evening around 19:30 o’clock we drove into the city. We were somewhat irritated by the huge Scientology building that stood right on the main road. Since it was so late, we didn’t have any traffic at all. The Navi

Welcome back to the next report on our Roadtrip. Austria was really nice in the end, but unfortunately our time there was far too short. In short, we considered whether we should stay, but then decided to go further to Milan. Freshly fortified from the very best breakfast I have ever had, we are started around 11 am. Today we would be sitting in the car almost all day, that was clear. So we refueled in Austria before the Italian border again. If you are travelling by car, in Austria,

Nice that you also found my third Roadtrip report back on my blog. And if you missed the first two parts, just look here: Day 1 Day 2 (Part 1) So we stood there, in the parking lot in front of the toll station Ferleiten to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Before us great roads, mountains and the hope of a beautiful sunset, behind us a thick, cloud that was slowly no longer gray, but almost black. Turn around, look for a hotel and hope for better weather the next

Welcome to the second part of my Roadtrip report! If you missed the first one, just click here. Unfortunately our Roadtrip is not very well started. The hotel we have been staying in was unfortunately an absolute grey. Two single rooms, connected by the bathroom. The mattresses are well located and old, dead insects in the room. But after all, it was dry. Outside it started to thunderstorms. We could still sleep a little. Horrtrip Part 2-or: How to get a rental car After the not so relaxing night my


For 10 years my boyfriend and I had no longer holiday together. He had visited me when I was in Japan, but even that one can hardly be called a vacation. I was with a friend in Turkey in 2009 though. After that, we spent most of our time at home because of lack of money. Later, when we had moved to Stuttgart, we wanted to visit our families during our holidays or simply rest at home and maybe catch up with things we have postponed. But this year it

In new ways

It's over, the summer break. And it really happened a lot! For example, the revision of the logo would be. New, fresher colors will shine the new posts. I was all too dreary in the long run. Pink and shades of gray, somehow it does not reflect again what I want to express. I found it really nice at first because of the covered but feminine colors, so I can not see it anymore. Those who follow the blog on Facebook had the possibility to vote on which color combination

In the second half of each year, the best series of the year usually run. At least for us this is true. We just love Superhero series! But also three other series have made it to my Favorites list.  Yes, I know, not all series have been aired until the autumn, but we have mostly looked at them in the cooler and darker seasons. Some of the series are already over the first season, the next seasons mostly run within the next three months, so I want to list here

You can certainly think of it, at the moment many things are more angular than round, especially with my loved one (and with it also with me). Just last week he met nasty, fire-crazed witches when he was bowling. It became so bad that he had to take a doctor shortly afterwards to get syringes and tablets. Such a witch shot is really nothing fine! Stupid that we actually had a day's vacation, which we couldn't enjoy so much. But that alone would have been enough to be done. It

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