You can certainly think of it, at the moment many things are more angular than round, especially with my loved one (and with it also with me). Just last week he met nasty, fire-crazed witches when he was bowling. It became so bad that he had to take a doctor shortly afterwards to get syringes and tablets. Such a witch shot is really nothing fine! Stupid that we actually had a day's vacation, which we couldn't enjoy so much.

But that alone would have been enough to be done. It was only two weekends before, unfortunately, that we actually wanted to do a test drive at Volvo. And because he has a convertible, I really wanted to take his car to drive. We are so comfortable going, do not drive evil suspected from the underground garage and only hear: junk, junk, junk. That came from the front left. Immediately right ran to the bus stop (again apology to the bus driver we have blocked!) and looked. Tyre flat, front left.

What do you do? Changing without a replacement tyre does not go. We had the compressor, but the compressed air bottle was missing (why???). So we called the ADAC. But he didn't want to bring us to the Jaguarwerkstatt, but to park the car at the ADAC. Yes, the car can only be put under sweat and blood on the tow truck and down again, and then should we give this to strangers in the hand?? Jaguar would not have been towed for free, so we called the tyre dealer to our confidence and asked if we could park the car there. I can only recommend GT automobiles in Wablingen. The workshop is hidden in a backyard in the commercial area, but the boss is totally nice and helpful.

So after we had the car there, he was covered between parked and ordered a new tyre. At the size we need it was just €260 times. And before you say that you would never spend: the tyre is the only contact of your car to the road, you can save on everything, but not on it! If the tyre is bad, it can quickly become life-threatening! Ökoreifen should be especially bad and dangerous! Better never look at the price, but on the test results, your life or that of your children can depend on it!

By the way, we have made the test drive even more, unfortunately somewhat shortened. We now know that autonomous driving on village roads does not really work. Luckily, we were always able to fight in time before the car was too far drifted. But generally this is more interesting than I have believed so far, even if at the end you still have your hands at the wheel and you have to take care of yourself. But I'm curious to see how this evolves.

So if I'm honest, much more then luckily it didn't happen. But for a month this is almost too much for my taste. First the nail in the tyre, then the fire-crazed witches. I hope that we will be spared or better compensated in the near future. I think I'm going to make a lottery ticket, that would be a great compensation if the numbers would all vote…


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