Butterfly Necklace by Lady Colour

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Do you like jewelry? In the past I couldn't start much, too much Klimbim on the neck or in my ears. Today I see this quite differently. A nice necklace on the neck doesn't bother me like I used to, even though I still play around with it all the time when I am sitting on the PC and reading mails.

Butterfly Necklace by Lady Colour

Finally I was able to test a beautiful necklace with butterfly pendant by lady colour. The crystal used in butterfly form is of Swarovski (#4748). The metal of the chain and the pendant consists of a zinc alloy and is nickel-free. With 40 + 5cm chain length you can adjust them and wear them depending on the upper part in the Décolleté, if you want to. The metal pendant is filled with many small pebbles and also patterned where no pebbles fit any more. As a beautiful contrast, the crystal in butterfly shape is blue and clear. Just the right necklace to lend her to my sister's wedding. Something blue and something borrowed. I hope there are no problems if there are no two parts…?

The necklace came in a beautiful white jewelrybox with the lady Colour in gold on the lid. Inside there is a white liner with bag, which unfortunately smells a little chemically. If you want to keep the chain in there, you should definitely let the box air out. There is also a card that contains a unique ident, which allows you to verify the card online. What should that bring? I don't have a clue. At least you can read on the page that Lady Colour is a certified buyer of Swarovski crystals. Let's see if Swarosvki answers my question.

The chain itself is in perfect condition. All the tiles are there and the shutter works perfectly. The necklace has no flaws visible to me and glitters so nicely! Only the price seems to me with around €23 a little bit high, especially when you consider that it is not a real silver. On the other hand, the chain looks really fancy and elegant. Clearly one of the most beautiful two chains I've gotten to test lately!

How do you like this necklace? Would you buy them? Verrtate me your opinion in a comment and I also like to leave a thumbs on my Facebook page. Because soon I will be giving away jewelry!

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