11 Successful ways to burn your money in the supermarket

If you want to know how to successfully burn your money in the supermarket, I have 11 superuseful tips for you today. Warning: Non-compliance with these tips may result in you still saving your money in the end!

1. Never write shopping lists

Shopping lists only limit you. If you stick to the shopping list meticulously, you’ll end up buying only what you really need. Where is the fun? It’s much better to just see what the supermarket has to offer, grab what you like and stuff the shopping cart as full as you can!

2. Best always drive to the supermarket

Now when the shopping cart is really full, all the food and drink, washing powder and toilet paper must be brought home somehow. The best way is to bring it home by car. Go to the grocery store without a big trunk? Only equipped with a fabric bag? In the end you would have to stick to your shopping list and limit yourself to the bare necessities…

3. Best to go shopping every day

If you already drive to the supermarket, you can even go to the supermarket every day. It’s on the way home/ to your friend/ the park anyway. Maybe you forgot something yesterday? Or the supermarket has taken something in the assortment that was not there yesterday? The best way to go is to look every day!

4. Never pay attention to products in sale

Why buy a stock of non-perishables like noodles, rice or canned food when their are on sale? It’s just wasted space the pantry! Or why would anybody simply change the brand if another one is at sale and therefore cheaper than the favourite brand? Oh, and just don’t buy meat in the big pack and then freeze it!

5. Drive for a single product to another supermarket

Did you make the mistake and look in the brochures? And seen that the butter at the discounter is 5 cents cheaper? Then of course it is clear that you have to drive to the other supermarket for the individual product, after all you can save a few cents! Gasoline and time? No worries!

6. Do not compare prices of different supermarkets

Price comparisons are associated with effort. So why bother? In the end you might ending up to have to change the supermarket or even drive to two markets, because a larger part of the required items in supermarket is cheaper than in the other one. Or even worse, you will find that you should better switch completely to supermarket B, because it is cheaper overall!

7. Never compare the kilo prices

On the price tags there is a 1kg or 100g price in small. If you compare it, you often find that the big pack costs more than the small one! Or that the kilo price is so absurdly high that you have to think again if you really need the pralines for €40 per kilo. So you better not look at it, so that you can not even get into conflicts of conscience.

8. Buy more than you can eat

The supermarket is full of temptations. Why not give in to them? Salad, fruit, meat, candy, frozen pizza, chips and soda. Just take it all with you! It doesn’t matter that there is enough food for the next 3 days in the fridge already (after all, you were already shopping yesterday).

9. Do not buy cheap or own brands

We all know, expensive branded products are better. Always!

10. Don’t use coupons

You know, these slips of paper or printouts from the Internet that give you a discount in the supermarket . Buy 3, pay 2 or 10% discount and that stuff. Do not ever waste your time looking for them.

11. Never use loyalty cards

Why should you collect points that can be exchanged in vouchers at the end? Especially if you always go to the same supermarkets which accept the commonly used loyalty cards? Not that the next purchase will be cheaper… You want to burn your money, not save it!

So now you know how best to burn your money at the supermarket. So that your friends know it too, please make sure to share this post! Do you also want to know how you can burn your money at home? Then best subscribe to the blog by mail and always receive a notification of the latest posts (usually they appear on Mondays and Thursdays). And soon a more serious contribution to the topic of saving will follow. After all, after Christmas before Christmas and that comes faster than one is fond of.


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