12 Successful ways to burn your money at home

Recently I have already explained to you how you successfully burn your money in the supermarket. So that you can continue to burn as much money as possible, I would like to explain to you today how best to do this at your home.

1. Never tidy up his kitchen cupboards

Don’t you dare clean up your kitchen cupboards! Or even set it up so that you can always see what you have in your house. In the end it is not worthwhile to go back to the supermarket because noodles, sauce, pickled garlic and corn are still there. Yes, if you suddenly see what you bought but never eaten, you only get a bad conscience. And we don’t want that, do we?

2. Cook as seldom as possible, always eat away or what to get

Cooking yourself is time and wasting money. Once you convert, how much you earn in the hour and then at the end you have to spend time in the supermarket and with cooking… You better go out to eat as often as possible or order something. It tastes much better thanks to glutamate anyway than your own food. And time is saved too!

3. Wash dishes with your hand

You have a dishwasher that comes with very little water? Very good! But so that everything gets really radiant clean, you always have to rinse your dishes with your hand. If possible still under running water, not that you still live too sparingly in the end!

4. Always stay with the most expensive power provider

The basic provider always supplies electricity. Always! So why change to a cheaper, possibly less well-known provider? They always deliver electricity, but you have to make an active effort to find a new provider. And in the end, you save money for his troubles instead of burning it. Where are we going? In the end, you still compare CHECK24 tariffs and change the electricity supplier every year…

5. Or the supplier of the

If you don’t change the power provider, why would you want to save on gas?

6. Let light burn everywhere. Always!

Who wants to stand in the dark when he wants to move out of one room to the next? It is much better to have the light in every room, just in case you have to get up. At least you can see where you’re going.

7. Switch all devices to standby only

Toggle switch on multiple sockets? Switch off on the TV? Unnecessary and cost time. Some devices eventually take about 5-15 seconds to start up. D. A You better leave everything in standby, it goes much faster. There is no itching for constant power consumption!

8. Contract as many unnecessary insurances as possible

Today you have to be sure against everything! It could be a football against the window on the third floor due to adverse circumstances. Or a bird flies against the glass. And don’t forget to insure yourself with your household insurance against floods from the 700m distant creek! Oh, and imagine, you have not insured your cell phone or your glasses and there is something happening…

9. Do not contract other important insurances

Yes, why the apartment insure against damage? When the dishwasher runs out and the furniture and Lamit are damaged, how often does that happen? and a liability insurance is totally overrated. Never before has a person collided with another and has broken the glasses of the other. Which brings us back to the spectacle insurance.

10. One cleaner per household item

Ceramic hob Cleaner, window cleaner, floor cleaner, Lamitnatreiniger, tile cleaner, bathroom cleaner, wash basin cleaner, general purpose cleaner, washing machine cleaner, dishwasher cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, Alureiniger, oven cleaner, grill cleaner, Detergent for colourful, detergent for white, detergent for black, detergent for fine, detergent for wool, detergent for curtains, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tabs, do you want more?

11. More helps more with washing and dishwashing detergents

A drop of detergent should be enough? I guess they meant a splash. 50ml washing powder? This will never clean the laundry! The best way to make the whole subject full. Sure is safe!

12. Just don’t descale!

Some households are blessed with kalkarmen water. Others do not. But why should you get coffee maker, Kettle and Co. Descaling? These things are going to break down right after the guarantee, you don’t have to care for them! and water filters? Just because tea or coffee taste better and the electrical appliances last longer? Is it still?

I hope you learned something today and now know how to burn as much money as possible at home. I have many more ways to come, maybe I’ll tell you soon. What else do you have for tips on how to burn money? Perhaps there are other rubrics in which you can burn money? Don’t worry about how you can burn the most effective money with your car, I’ll tell you soon!

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