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Luckily my blog is not the only one on the net. On this page I list more blogs and Facebook pages, which I like very much and which you should visit once. I have a personal reference to all pages. That's why you won't find any blogs that I just link to so you can link to me. (Update: 14.12.2017)

  • Tanja Bunte World, my personal favorite. She writes about product testing, reveals her favorite recipes and simply shares her thoughts with us:
  • Petra Helene Blogs about product tests on
  • Dirk writes about Kassel, films and series and much more:
  • A very nice blog of two mülheimers with a focus on USA:
  • A slightly different food blog:
  • Anja Blogging about photography, design and more on
  • Topics such as life management, personality development, life control, happiness, goals, dreams, etc. Focus on
  • You can find cooperations from hell here. Too funny what some companies send out for inquiries. Wober, sometimes it's sad again:
  • My sister Tinkers and records now and then (mainly with the focus on manga and anime):

This page is updated on a regular basis.


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