Thoughts on my Birthday

Hey guys, I have birthday today! There are gifts! A lot of them! for me! But why actually? Why for me? Should we not celebrate the mothers who bring a child to the world after months of hardship and the greatest pain? Why do you celebrate the child who has done nothing but leave the warm security of the mother’s womb, inhale for the first time and loudly Loszuschreien? Why do you celebrate those little beings who, after they have overcome the hardships of a birth, rob their mothers of sleep and nerves for months and years instead of women?

In fact, your birthday is a day when you should thank your parents for having sacrificed themselves over all these years for one. For you to endure the shouting and beat the next of the ears to raise our children.

Instead, we will give gifts to children. Sure, when you’re small, that’s great, which kid doesn’t like gifts? OK, I hated surprises, I always wanted to know in advance what I was getting. It is clear that I have seldom said this…  But why is that really so? Why do children receive gifts?

Why are there gifts for your birthday?

I’ve been asking this question for a long time. But try to find an answer to it on Google. Then there are questions like “What to give to the 3rd/6./18./50./xx. Birthday? “Instead of an answer to the question, why do you actually give away birthday gifts? Unfortunately, I did not find the answer to the question. Maybe she knows some of you? Should e be SSO, please tell me!

Memories of childhood birthday habits

But now that I’m so old, I had to somehow think about what it was like when I was little. There were not only gifts. No, there was something on the butt, too! One Pat a year and one for the next. Of course not with full force, it should finally not hurt! And let it live was very popular. The parents and grandparents have put us children on a chair and lifted it as often as we have grown old. At least in the first six or seven years. At some point we were too big and hard for it again.

Of course, a cake could not be missed! It was usually baked and not bought. And do you still know these common white candles that have been brought up again and again when you have blown them out? When I was very young, maybe four or five years, they were really great and we laughed so much! Besides, they all sang. Not “Happy Birthday” but “Good luck Birthday”. Do you still sing the German song today? Adults seem to sing more and more rarely for each other, I think that was much more common in the past, can that be?

Mmh. Actually it was again, which I think. What customs of your childhood do you remember? How do you celebrate your birthdays or your children’s day? Tell me about it in the comments!

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