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I’m sure you know this, too. You wrote a really great post but somehow you don’t have the right photo. Or you might have to work on so many more pictures, but this week there is just so much going on that you can’t find time for it. Maybe you guys have totally mis-planned your release dates, like I sometimes do? In any case, I am often in such a situation that my job or illness or family or friends or anything else gets in the way and I sometimes lack the time to do everything in the way I had hoped for.

A few months ago I told you here, where you can get free graphics, fonts and sometimes even themes. These platforms are commercial platforms and the many artists who sell their works there are certainly worth the money. I offer some pictures and Lightroom-Presets on Creativemarket* myself. But there are also some bloggers who offer great freebies for their newsletter recipients and blog readers. I’d like to introduce a selection of them to you today.

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Freebies of other bloggers

You can find lots of really great stock photos on Ivory Mix*. I have already used her pictures myself and think they are really beautiful. Take for example my “11 tips how to successfully burn your money” post, the cover picture comes from her. And best of all, Kayla Marie Butler and her husband James bring out new free stock photos every month. You want photos that are not yet on countless blogs? Then you’ve come to the right place! By the way, they also have great blogging accessories such as a blog planner and e-books in their free offer. To get access, you have to create a free account. It’s worth it! Any maybe you want to try some of her courses, too!

Redifining Mom offers you a blog planner, pinterest tips and a list of English-speaking pinterest groups. A newsletter registration is required for the download.

Mein Feenstaub is a great DIY-Blog, where you can subscribe to a newsletter which is released once a month. Besides DIY she also has a section with blogger tips, which are also very good.

I came across the blog Every Tuesday at Creativemarket. Here you will find a lot of instructions for artists and lots of great freebies. You don’t have to register for the download, but if you don’t want to miss anything, I recommend that you sign up for her e-mail list.

Carolina Art is another creative blog that regularly offers beautiful freebies. Have you guys seen the February wallpaper? This is really beautiful!

Also on Lichtkonfetti there are regularly beautiful freebies. She also shows you some really nice photos. Under the category “Photography” you will also find a nice photo course. Take a look.

Gift tags and similar printables can be found on Plan with Samia.

On Wellies and Lemonade you will find great blog planners. And if you like you can also find a Planners Club here. Access is free of charge if you subscribe to the newsletter. In the Planners Club you get great printables like a revenue-expenditure list, a weekly planner and more.

Beautiful printables of herbs are available on Cherished Bliss. It’s a very nice blog anyway. Ashley shows her and other home’s furnishings and has nice decorations and DIY tips for furniture.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. In the future I will publish further articles in which I present freebies and e-books of other bloggers. Maybe you even odder freebies which you would want to be introduced in my next blogpost? Just leave the link in the comment! And if you don’t want to miss the new posts, please subscribe directly to the mailing list. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Pinterest!

By the way: If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can now also get freebies from me! For example, these photos!


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