AUKEY Sport Bluetooth headphones

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Aukey Sport Bluetooth headphones

Meanwhile I have already introduced you two Bluetooth speakers from Aukey (see here and here), but today comes no further Bluetoothlautsprecher, but I present you Aukey sport Bluetooth headphones.

Scope of delivery

The Aukey sport Bluetooth headphones come with extensive accessories:

● 1 x Aukey EP-B4 wireless Headset
● 1 x USB Charging cable
● 6 x Ear Adapters (3 pairs of attachments in different sizes)
● 12 x Ear hooks (3 pairs of ear hooks in different sizes)
● 1 x DrawString pouch
● 1 x Warranty Card
● 1 x User manual

There is also a cloth bag in which you can transport your headphones well protected.


The AUKEY sport Bluetooth headphones are available in the colors black, red, blue and yellow. The studs are held together by a black or colored rubber-like, non-elastic band. The buttons on the studs are colour-matched to the bands, which looks really good. In this case, I find the black even the most boring.


Commissioning and functions

First, the headphones must be charged. This is a little difficult, at least I had some problems to solve the cover of the micro USB connections. As soon as they are charged, everything is simple. During the charging process, the Aukey lettering on the handset lights up red, so you can see that the charging process is still in progress. Blue indicates that the headphones are fully charged. To pair, hold the power button (which is the one that has already been lit when loading) for about 6 seconds until it turns blue and red. Then simply select the headphones on the terminal and connect them. A voice announcement about the individual statuses (e.g. B. Switched on, connected) is also available.

If the headphones do not fit perfectly, you can change the adapters or use the supplied ear hook to help.

By the way, you can also adjust the volume via the Headphones (button is located on the right headphones or also accept, reject or exit calls. Detailed instructions are available in the instructions for use.

By the way, the AUKEY sport Bluetooth headphones can be connected to two devices at the same time. So you can watch with his tablet videos and don't miss a call from his cell phone! A detailed and easy-to-understand manual is also provided in the user manual.

Sound quality

The sound quality is quite ok, but of course you should not expect too much at a price of under €20. The bass, for example, is very much in the foreground, which is noticeable with songs. The heights are also somewhat too dominant compared to the middle. The voice quality on the phone is however very good, here I have nothing to fault.


Visually the AUKEY sport Bluetooth headphones are a real eye-catcher, especially the colourful colors I like here really good. Start-up is easy and the many functions are also great. Especially the answer and volume control are in my eyes the top features. I do not know whether it must have been permanently connected to two devices at the same time. It's nice that it works, but it's a function that I'll never need.

The headphones sit well and tight and do not loosen even when jogging.

The sound quality of listening to music could be a little better, but if you really want to put a lot of emphasis on it, you should not listen to music on your mobile phone and get a decent hifi system anyway. For sports I find them good and that you can easily and practically adjust the volume and accept, reject or quit calls is anyway a plus. After all, who wants to get the phone out of their pockets when jogging?


Tell me what headphones you use in sports. With cable or without? Maybe you wrote a test report yourself? Then just post it to me in the comments!

 For this product test I was allowed to test the Bluetooth headphones of Aukey free of charge. You can find more information about the presented products here: black, red, blue, yellow

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