AUKEY km-G3-N-de mechanical gaming keyboard

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AUKEY km-G3-N-de mechanical gaming keyboard

Most of you already know that I am a passionate gamer. And that includes the right equipment. I've already introduced two great mice: here and here. Today I present you a mechanical gaming keyboard. One thing ahead, as it is delivered in the US layout, it is only limited for bloggers or casual gamblers.


The AUKEY km-G3-N-de mechanical gaming keyboard is a mechanical keyboard to me blue switches. If you don't know what the difference between the different switches is, then look in here, I explained it briefly. The surface of brushed waterproof metal, the buttons are black.

The keyboard has 104 buttons with blue switches and as mentioned above an optical us layout. This means, for example, that the z and y keys are swapped and there are no umlauts on the keyboard. But you can use it like a normal keyboard for us, if you know where the letter or character is located. This is a little getting used to at first, but feasible.

The average key lifetime is indicated by 50 million strokes. With about 850g weight, the keyboard is not light weight, but it is stable on the desk and does not slip so fast. The dimensions are approx. 44x13x4cm (slightly rounded up). However, the cable is indicated with a length of 1, 8m, but I can only reach 1, 6m.

Optics and functions

You can set nine different backlight modes on the AUKEY km-G3-N-de mechanical gaming keyboard. From permanent red to flashing in rainbow colors, there is pretty much everything. Each button, according to the manufacturer, has EEPROM (electrically eraseable programmable read-only memory) and a flash memory function that makes it possible to customize the keyboard individually. means that color, brightness and speed can be adjusted individually.

Various key combinations allow you to quickly and easily use many standard functions such as volume control, calculator or an e-mail program. Open. A largely understandable listing can be found in the user manual. The whole thing is really handy for gamers, because for example you don't have to go to the desktop for volume control.

For color adjustment

I personally would say the main feature of this keyboard is the lighting. The color setting is complete with keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, the operating instructions are not very good, since only one Google translator was used again and no one has bothered to have this controlled by a native speaker. My favorite sentence from the tutorial is the following: "The keyboard breathes overall backlight simulating rhythm, to implement from light curve change from to the highest brightness."

The different modes are really easy to control as soon as you have understood the operating instructions halfway. You can choose between different modes, a complete lighting in one color, individual illumination of a button when it is pressed, alternating lighting in different colors of the entire keyboard, flowing lighting when you type (for me very Tiring to look at) and what is still interesting for gamers, lighting the most important buttons for certain games. Choices include Call of Duty, League of Legends, or racing games. There are also other setting options, but to enumerate them all would be a bit beyond the scope.


Elegant design, beautiful lighting, visually the keyboard is really an eye-catcher. But if you're two in a room, it's too noisy for me personally, my friend anyway. I'm already getting more into the keys than necessary, that sounds real, as if a machine gun is going off.

The cable is 20cm shorter than described in the manual, even that would be an absolute no go, especially since the keyboard is not exactly cheap now. Clearly, for a mechanical Tastsur, the price is reasonable, since you can also spend a lot, especially if the keyboard is to be lit.

To gamble I find the keyboard but very good, the keystroke is pleasant and if you know something about the European layout, you also know where what is.

Overall, I would really only recommend this keyboard to gamers or those who prefer to work in the US layout. For pure writing in German the keyboard is unfortunately not recommended because of the layout, even if blue switches are the best for many scribes.  Gamers, on the other hand, should definitely consider this keyboard if they want to change to an illuminated mechanical keyboard!

 For this product test I was allowed to test the gaming qwerty of Aukey free of charge. You can find more information here: click *
* Affiliate Link: You don't incur any extra costs, but I get a small commission when you buy.

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