After 5 years of regular use, my Sennheiser headset has been used so slowly. Something new had to be made, so I hired my loved one to look for a new headset, alternative headphones and microphone for me. Weeks and months went into the country, because I could still hear with my old man and never really wanted to decide what I really want. Since my boyfriend and I are sitting in the same room and he mostly about his boxing music etc. Listen, I definitely wanted to have something that sits well and swallows as many noises as possible. My Sennheiser headset was primarily meant for playing and talking in Ts, at that time I did not put so much emphasis on good sound. The main thing is "you understand the others". Maybe it all comes with the age that the claims are rising?

Finally I decided on a model: Audio Technica ath-M50X. The highlight of all the headphones was that he already has the same model, only in a different color. So I had ample opportunity to wear them and hear them. Its are in a very beautiful light brown, mine are gray. We each have the annual Sonderdition. Black was too boring for me and with white I have the concern that you will not remain white with time. Other colors are unfortunately not available in Germany at the moment.

Included in the audio Technica ath-M50X


Audio Technica ath-M50X still in the box
The supplied cables of the audio Technica ATH-M50X were located under the cardboard cover.
  • Headphones
  • 1, 2m-3m spiral Cable
  • 3m Cable
  • 1, 2m cable
  • 6, 35mm adaptor
  • Transport Bag

In addition to the headphones (clear!), three more cables are supplied, a 1.2 m-3m spiral Cable and a 3 m and 1.2 m straight cable each. All cables have a gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jack with strain relief as a connection, and there is also a screw 6.35 mm adapter. There is also a transport bag, which is matched to the headphones.

Audio-Technica-headphones-scope of delivery
Supplied with Audio Technica ATH-M50X

Everything was packed very well and space saving. Although the cables and the pouch are also packed in plastic foils, the total amount of unnecessary packaging is dispensed with. I do not like it when I have a thousand plastic flakes in the house, so that any product is also soft and well padded packed. This can be solved in a different way, see Audio Technica.


The Audio Technica ath-M50X look extremely noble and quality. They are grey, but the ear pads are black. Many small details were taken into account in the design. For example, the logo on the temple is attached to the handset and the model name on the joint that connects the earpiece and the bracket. The upholstery of the temple is also grey. The cables and the transport bag are also perfectly colour-adjusted. At the same time, unnecessary frills such as lighting, colourful colours or patterns are dispensed with.

Audio Technica lettering on the headphone bracket
Company logo
Model name

"Audio Technica ATH-M50X-professional premium Studio Headphones"

So audio Technica praises its ath-M50X headphones. I don't have a recording studio and I don't play music myself, but I still like a very good sound and a good fit. And they offer the audio Technica ath-M50X headphones. The ear cups enclose the ears completely (over-ears) without pressing. They sit very tight but not too tight on the head and are still very comfortable after long wear, despite the quite high contact pressure. But with a weight of 285g without cables you should not be too heavy.

The sound is also great, much clearer than my old headset. Here you really realize what quality differences there are, even if you have a rather unpractised hearing (like me for example). The treble and the depths are clearly reproduced, no noise or excessive bass tills. The headphones also owe the good sound to the 45mm drivers. Drivers are simply said to convert electronic audio signals into sound waves.

The cables are of course interchangeable and are only inserted on one side. However, they are not only simply plugged in, but the headphones have a rotary lock that prevents the cables from falling out. But beware of the cable change, do not simply pull, turn one piece to the left and then pull the cable off! The same also applies to plugging in, you have to make sure that the cable is plugged in correctly, so that the fuse works as well (many were "plugged in").

Audio-Technica-headphones connector
Safety Connector
Audio-Technica-headphones-safety lock
The cable is protected from accidental slipping with a safety mechanism

For transport, the headphones can also be folded together and then stowed away in a convenient transport bag. However, you should still be careful, the bag protects against scratches, but something heavy should not be put on the headphones in order to protect them from damage.

Technical data

For everyone who knows something better, there is also an overview of the technical data of the audio Technica ath-M50X:

TypeClosed, dynamic
Driver dimension45mm
Voice coilCCAW (copper coated aluminium wire)
Frequency range15-28,000 Hz
Max. Input power1,600 MW at 1 khz
Sensitivity99 db
Impedance38 Ohm
Weight285g (without cable)
Cable1.2 M-3m spiral cable, 3 m and 1.2 m straight cable
Connector plugGold plated (3.5 mm) stereo Jack with strain relief
AccessoriesOn 6.35 mm adapter, transport bag

My conclusion

The ear cups are nicely padded and very soft and comfortable to wear. However, it will be a little warm at higher ambient temperatures. But basically these are not headphones that you use for jogging. I can wear the headphones very long without the ears or the head hurting.

The sound is absolutely super, much better than about my old headphones. Even if I listen to music on my phone it sounds better than usual. The different cables make the headphones really versatile, when listening to music via mobile phone or the MP3 player with the short cable, plugged directly into the sound card or the PC with one of the long cables.

Even visually they make something nice, especially the annual special editions look really great! For those who also like to add value to style, the audio Technica ath-M50X headphones are the right one.

What at first glance is somewhat frightening is the price. I paid about €180, but I already knew the model. In case of good care, these headphones stay extremely long and are therefore definitely worth your money! And even if a cable should be broken, since they are delivered directly with three pieces, you can also compensate for that at first. If you like listening to music on your PC or via MP3 player, you should definitely think about investing in these headphones. Because if you believe in relevant tests, you will not get better headphones for under €200.

Audio Technica ath-M50X headphones

What do you think about the headphones? Do you put a lot of emphasis on good sound or do you have small, cheap headphones? If you want to know what to pay attention to when buying a headphone and what different model types there is everything, then subscribe my blog or follow me on Google + or Facebook, because soon I will report about it!

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