About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my About Me page

Some years ago, I created this blog as a product test blog. But when time passed by, I wanted more. I wanted to write about things I love. Like travel, photography and blogging. So this blog evolved. Again, I found that it is not enough to just write in German. But I also don’t want to just translate my German blogposts into English. At the beginning of the year 2018 I had a small series about bloggers, who wrote about their daily life in other countries. So the idea was born to also write about living in MY country, Germany.

After living in Japan for one year, I realized that there are so many things, which are normal to me, but might seem a bit strange if you do not live here. Working as a project manager with international teams from four continents, I also have some idea about differences in working styles around the world. So the international section of this blog is for all those, who want to know more about daily life and work in Germany, who like photography, travel or are seeking blogging tips and ideas. All with the view of a German woman in her mid-thirties.

In Hamamatsu – Japan, May 2018

So who exactly am I?

My name is Tanja, I was born in 1981 in western Germany, more precisely in Muelheim an der Ruhr. After graduating from school I first worked in a travel agency, but fighting the obstacles of 09/11 and the growth of internet, I changed the direction of my life and studied East Asian Studies. So I learned Japanese and lived in Japan for almost one year in 2006/07. Today I am working in the automotive industry as a project manager.

When not working I like taking photos, read books and blogs or play PC games. I really love getting up before sunrise and find some beautiful places to take photos. I do not need to travel to distant countries to find something special. But of course, as a former travel agent, I still love travelling. Now as my boyfriend and I have finally settled, we have more time (and money) and plan on going on long and short trips more often.


I in February 2016 at the airport in Budapest.
In November 2015 I held a lecture at the regional group meeting of the German Killifisch community in Neuss.

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