For 10 years my boyfriend and I had no longer holiday together. He had visited me when I was in Japan, but even that one can hardly be called a vacation. I was with a friend in Turkey in 2009 though. After that, we spent most of our time at home because of lack of money. Later, when we had moved to Stuttgart, we wanted to visit our families during our holidays or simply rest at home and maybe catch up with things we have postponed. But this year it should different, we planned to g travel for at least 5 days together, with our convertible!

In any case, the Großglocknerhochalpenstraße was planned. With the convertible, this would probably be the absolute highlight of our trip anyway! So on Friday I bought the vignette for Austria and the voucher to the Hochalpenstraße around 5 € cheaper to drive at ADAC (German automobile club). On Saturday morning when we were about to leave, my boyfriend suddenly wanted to book a hotel. I would have looked at the place where we would decide to stay which hotel we would like and which one was available. Anyway, for little more than 100€ per night an room we found nice hotel not far from the toll station. And since it would be a Roadtrip, who would bother to drive 5 kilometers more or less?

The Roadtrip finally starts!

It was shortly after 8 a.m., we had packed the car already the evening before, when we finally started our roadtrip. The weather was great, on the roads to Munich there was almost no traffic. But when we arrived Munich we left the highway since our navigation system just reported traffic jam. So we drove through lovely little villages on smaller roads, with the convertible top open. The landscape was already very beautiful and became even more beautiful with each kolimeter we got closer to the mountains. Even the holiday feeling has spread already. Summer, sun, green meadows and forests as far as the eye can see. On the horizon the Alps came closer and closer. Whatever jokes you can make of Bavarians, compared to the others, they know how to build perfect roads! There were hardly any potholes and the streets looked really good. Perfect for our trip with the convertible!

Around 12 o’clock it was getting a little bit too warm. So we decided to stop in a village and protect ourselves with sun cream. And as we had not eaten anything since breakfast but were not too hungry at that moment, we just sat down to eat some ice cream. At the end of the break, I took my camera out of the trunk and started to take photos during the trip. Of course, they have not become as perfect as they could have been, but if we had stopped every time we had this beautiful view, we would probably still not be at the border.


Shortly after Rosenheim our route again led to the highway for several kilometers. But not for long. Finally, as highway driving is no fun and the next traffic jam would have come anyway, we again left the highway to drive on country roads. Following the B307 we decided to cross the border to Austria near Kössen. But it seems we were not supposed to reach the boarder that day. Only a few meters after Schlechen in the district Grassau there was a group of cyclists on the other line coming our way. Another car was trying to overtake the group, although it was quite clear that we were too close and there was no way for us to move to the right. We did not want to go down the 3 meter deep ditch, so my boyfriend had to break heavily!
Thanks to a full braking, very good brakes and the best tires available for the car, we were lucky and did not hit the car on our lane. However, the VW bus driving behind us was not equipped with even nearly as good brakes and tires! A few moments after my boyfriend had brought the car to a standstill, we felt a jerk and heard a bang. It was clear that our Roadtrip was over before he had really started … By the way, it was just around 1:40 pm.

The damage was considerable, but luckily it were only the cars.  All passengers were anharmed. I immediately called to the cyclists, who have noticed the accident and have already stopped and asked them to stay until the police arrived. So we secured the scene of accident until about 30 minutes the police arrived. The service car we had requested arrived just about 5 minutes later. Thanks to the testimony of the cyclists and also the statement of the other driver, the situation was quickly clarified and our car could be loaded. Of course we were not to blame that the other driver did not keep his distance and crushed in our car. The driver that originally caused the accident had already gone even though he has noticed that he caused an accident!I really hope his car will break down at night kilometers away from the next village with no mobile reception!

No one can or will help!

Shortly after, we arrived at the ADAC station. We still thought it would go on soon, after all, we are ADAC-Plus members and the ADAC promised to provide for our mobility. Well, it turned out that we would have to organize the rental car by ourselfes ourselves due to some insurance regulatories. We got no further help at the ADAC station from the guys working there. We were even not allowed to use the fixed telephone, although the mobile phone reception was increadible badt! At least, they let us charge the mobile phones.




We have called all the car rentals in Rosenheim and the surrounding area. Multiple times. Of course, we have landed in any queue each time. The employees wanted to connect us, because that is an insurance case. “Wait, I’ll link you to Hamburg” – Wait – “Tuttuttut”. Re-called. “Oh, I’m sorry here, I’ll give you the direct dial-up and connect you again” – “Stop, please wa …” – “Please select your request: If you had an accident with one of our vehicles, select the 1, for others the 3, for … “-” 3 “Then it turns out that we have landed instead in Hamburg in Berlin! We did not even manage to talk to the right department! The whole was like with Asterix and Obelix, which needed the passport A38:

The horror never ends

Somehow the nerves were shining. For now the office was closed, there was a dawn, and in the distance a thunderstorm arose. Our luggage was still in the car, but the car was in a locked garage. The next emergency service worker, who showed up, first had to open the door so we could at least get to our luggage. A neighbor, who I then at some time asked for the nearest hotel, took us straight to us directly. My friend had also called there, there was also a free room. Phew, after all, we did not have to stay in the waiting room.

In the hotel we got two single rooms, which were connected to the bathroom, get. The hotel was unfortunately not very good, dirty, there was no restaurant, the beds totally uncomfortable. My friend simply laid his mattress on the floor next to my bed. So we could at least sleep in a room. In the evening, we also met a nice gentleman from Böblingen, who drove us to the nearest restaurant so we could get something to eat. Apart from breakfast and ice cream we had nothing on the day. The food was not so exhilarating and somehow I was not much hungry. So we are back soon to the hotel and have tried to get some sleep at least …

At this point, I would like to remind you that every driver who is so good can go into a dangerous situation without being blamed! Therefore, make sure you have a driving safety training, especially if you (or your loved ones!) Have a lot of driving or traveling abroad, where the rules are different than in Germany and the roads may not be as good. This gives you a certain safety in unfamiliar situations, especially when the training has taken place with the vehicle you want to travel with. Always look for the best possible tires, do not take cheap tires! The tires are the only thing that connects your car with the road, there is no anchor or escape screen! And your brakes should also be good. In retrospect, we are glad to have spent so much money on tires. Three or four meters more stopping distance and it could have turned out quite differently!

Well, that was our first holiday. Who follows me on Facebook or Instagram, of course, that we could continue the Roadtrip. But until then, there were still some obstacles to overcome. But I will tell you in my next contribution! Then there are also more pictures. Since the first day ended so early and so abruptly, I could hardly take photos of course.

Have you had such a horror start on holiday? Or did you make a Roadtrip, which ran better than ours? Tell me in the comments!

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