It is autumn again, however much you wish it to be different, the summer is unfortunately already over again. But also autumn is a really great time of year and there are many reasons to love it. Here are my top 5:

1. Sun rises

You don’t have to get up so early to see beautiful sunrises. Instead at 4 o’clock in the morning it is enough to get out of the house in the autumn at 6 o’clock or even a little later. You can still see a beautiful sky with red clouds and a dark red sun rising slowly and ever higher. Of course the weather has to be right, but if it’s not that great, then there’s an alternative

2. Walks in the Fog

Just when it rained a little before, the fog rises from the meadows in the morning and immerses everything in a gentle and slightly mystical light. I love to stand on a mountain in the fall and watch the fog slowly dissolve. In this time the world looks quite different and sounds a little different, quiet, slightly subdued.

3. Mushroom Collecting

In the late summer and autumn, they start pulling again, the mushroom collectors. Delicious chanterelles or mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and Co. Land again in the pan. Those who don’t know each other should be very careful. But there is really nothing better than fresh, self-collected mushrooms with bacon and garlic sauce!

Probably a “Ablätternder umbrinum”. That would be edible.

4. More time to read

And if the weather does not play along, then you can finally dedicate yourself to the books that you wanted to read over the whole summer and then did not do it in the end. A rainy Sunday on the couch, under a rug with a good book is finally also not wrong! And to warm up, the best way to drink

5. Tea

If you are already on the couch, wrapped in a cuddly blanket, then of course the tea must not be missing! Unfortunately I cannot buy my tea in Germany. English Breakfast from Pickwick. At Pickwick there are really many great varieties! My whole closet is totally full, so much tea I can not drink all winter, as I bought on my last trip to the Czech Republic. But I still have a lot more tea at home. For example, do you already know tea on coffee leaves? No? Then look here, I have reported about it!

Tea from coffee leaves

What do you like most in autumn? Or what do you not like in the autumn? Tell me about it in your comments! And don’t forget to share the post and pin the pictures on Pinterest!

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