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Today wants to come the prelude to a small series: Creative designs for the blog.

Most bloggers invest many hours to shoot and edit photos. But sometimes you also write about topics where you either have no matching pictures or where you want to do without photos. But: a contribution without a cover photo? Of course not. Even long posts without pictures are often more strenuous to read than when they are interrupted by pretty photos (I feel it anyway).
Maybe you want to spice up your photo somehow, because somehow it's not quite the right thing to do. Or you might want to create a nice goodie for your readers, such as a blog planner. So you need nice photos, sometimes fonts or graphic elements. There are so many reasons to use design elements.

This is why I would like to present to you today and in other articles a few providers, where you can buy photos, graphics and fonts or often get weekly as freebies. I also want to introduce you to some free programs that allow you to easily edit your pictures or create your own freebies.

Brief legal notice on stock stock market photos

One thing ahead, especially the free graphics and fonts are often only allowed for personal/non-commercial use. The same is also often true for free photos from stock exchanges. I cannot tell you at this point how personal use is defined. Is it considered non-commercial use when a commercial blog offers its readers free blog planners created with just such freebies? I do not know and therefore recommend to contact the provider whenever possible if the license agreement is unclear to you.

First, I want to introduce you to a few stock exchanges where you can buy photos for free or cheap. With many you can buy more than just pictures and creative sites not only offer graphics, but also photos, so I try to present only portals that have put their focus on photos. I will introduce you to graphic portals, which also have photos in the portfolio, later.

Found at Pexels, free for private and commercial use

Selection of stock photo providers

Pixabay: "Over 900,000 free photos, vectors and illustrations" are offered on Pixabay. Of course I did not count and check if this is true. But there are actually very many really nice pictures that are also provided free for commercial use. You have to log in to download.

Fotolia: Fotolia is a little bit bigger. According to his own statement there are 75 million royalty free images, vectors and videos, here the addition "free" is missing. I didn't find any free pictures during a first search. The offered photos cost depending on the size of 1 credit, which is equivalent to €1.12 if you buy the smallest package. Price still in the frame, if you look at the pictures once carefully. Still rather not suitable for hobby bloggers, because we want to spend as little money as necessary, right?

123RF: "Over 73 million royalty free images, illustrations, videos and audio files at surprisingly low prices." So the promise of 123RF. The free pictures, however, have a low print resolution and are also very small, for larger photos you also have to pay with credits.

Pixelio: Over 500,000 photos and pictures can be found on Pixelio. Many images offer an editorial (non-commercial) right of use. Other images are also released for commercial use. Pixelio also expects to register the user to download the images. Oh yes, here I should mention that for some images explicitly the editing right is restricted.

Pexels: How many pictures are offered exactly, I did not see on the home page. But there are really great pictures. You don't have to log in here, you just click on the image you want to download, it opens in a new tab of the browser and with "Save as" you can put it exactly where you want. The pictures offered here are also for personal and commercial use, a attribution is not required.

If you would like an even more detailed listing with many more providers, you can find more information here: BILDERSUCHE.ORG

Now I wonder why so many photographers offer so many great pictures for free also for commercial use. Clearly this is great for us bloggers, but I still wonder a bit. Just about commercial use. Others earn money with pictures they have taken free of charge from the Internet. If someone is using my pictures to earn money in whatever way, then I would like to have some of them too. But that just on the edge…

It is very important that you always read the terms of use for the pictures! Otherwise, there may be warnings, and they can become expensive. Three to four-digit amounts are not uncommon. I try to create as many photos as possible myself. But there is certainly one or other beautiful photo that will be found in the future probably in my blog, which is not mine.

Which image portals do you take pictures of for your blogs? What are your experiences with it?


If you are interested in the topic image rights to photos from stock exchanges and what happens if a photographer changes the stock provider, then look at Tina from social media support: click

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