Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of my series creative designs for the blog. In today's section, I want to tell you where and how to get great fonts and graphic elements for free. I've already told you about stock photos. If you missed the first part about stock photos, you can read it here: Click!

One thing: Just as for photos, fonts and graphic elements are also important for you to check the licenses before you use them. This is especially true if you want to use it commercially, so you want to create something that you sell (for example cups, t-shirts etc.).

What it looks like with blogs that make money, whether they also fall under commercial use, this is best asked by the author. Not that you're going to get a warning in the house! The whole thing just so that it does not mean I would have said that you can use all the freebies of the same pages for everything, that is unfortunately not so.

My Favorite Shop

I start directly with my favourite shop, because the fonts and graphics for my logo were bought there. Besides, there are great freebies every week, of which I have already used one or the other.


You get there really everything, fonts, graphics, Blogthemes, photos, Photoshop and Lightroom presets, business card templates and so on and so forth. And every Monday there are 6 freebies offered. What's there is always different, sometimes it's fonts, then Watercolor graphics or pattern (backgrounds) for Photoshop. Often with reference to upcoming holidays. The selection is gigantic, the prices are also very moderate. fonts, graphics, pictures, all this was created by the artists themselves (this also applies to the other shops). So if you are looking for a theme for the blog, want to create a logo or simply look for inspiration, then since you are definitely right there!

The two pictures come from this bundle by the way: https://creativemarket.com/BilberryCreate/1123617-BUNDLE-2000-elements

I also opened my own small shop and sold one or the other photo. But if one of my readers would like to work with one of the pictures, just contact me, we will find a solution: Click! Liked by the way very much appreciated! ;)

More shops

At Mydesigndeals, you can buy bundles in particular. If you give your e-mail, you get to the "designer toolbox". Stand today you get there for example background textures, various vector graphics or icons. It is also worthwhile to watch it here.

At designs.net there are mainly different templates and fonts. Apart from the freebies that you can use every now and then, especially the fonts, I find the offer rather not so good, but that is also because I do not have banners for Facebook, Twitter etc. And do not need any cards or flyers or T-shirt forms. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look once in a while to see what you get for free. (Update: Will be merged with the Hungry JPEG!)
The hungry JPEG has as far as I know of all the shops the lowest starting price. Besides, you get a lot of $1 deals with some really great graphics or fonts. And as I said, the starting price is also only at $1, you can also find a lot at the regular price of $1. After Creativemarket my second favorite shop, also because of the freebies. By the way, you can buy WordPress themes here, as well as at Creativemarket, though not very many.

Fontbundles has only fonts on offer, for this there are lots of free fonts and fonts from $1. If you are looking for design elements, you will find them at Designbundles. Again, there are lots of freebies that might be interesting for bloggers too.

Further freebies are also found at Creativebooster, Freedisgnressources (mostly for private use) and design cuts.

I hope you like my little list. Of course there are still viiiiel more providers for graphics or fonts, but in the meantime I pay attention to the fact that I download everything legally in order not to fall into a warning trap. At least here I am sure that this will not happen as long as I keep to the licensing agreements.

What did you experience? Where do your fonts and graphic elements come from? Did I forget a provider? Can you get some great freebies somewhere else?

I am also very happy if you share this post with your friends so that you too can soon get to enjoy great freebies!

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