Germany is the Germa’sn favourite country to travel. Why? Because it’s beautiful! Many beautiful places are just a little bit hidden. If you want to see the „real Germany, you need to see more than the most famous tourist places. That’s why I want to introduce the Nassach Valley to you.

Nassach Valley –  the „Valley of the Happy“

The Nassach valleys is located between the small towns of Uhingen and Ebersbach an der Fils, not too far away from Stuttgart. Why it is called „Valley of the Happy“, I do not know, but if you go there in summer, see the people and the beautiful nature, you might get an idea why it is called that way.It seems as if time has stopped and everything looks so calm and relaxed and not at all hectic!

How to get there:

This place is so hidden if you want to go there, you need a car. No bus or train will stop near the point I started from. But as in most countries, you need a car to get to the most hidden places.

Where to stay

If you want to stay in abig city, I suggest you stay in Stuttgart. Esslingen is much smaller but still also a very nice place to stay. You can also find some small hotels and guest rooms in the area around Nassach.

Where I started from
Overview of hiking trails



Circular Path No. 3

Breakfast, water and my camera in my bag, I started off from my home, which is about 20 minutes away (by car). It was very shortly after sunrise, so I had the opportunity to take really nice photos of the sunset in Manolzweiler on my way to Nassach! But actually, my plan was to go into the forest, so I went on. The very small parking lot from where you can start a circular hike is hidden and not easy to find, if you have not checked google maps thouroghly.

The trail starts directly at the parking lot. After a few minutes there is a crossroads where you can choose whether to take the circular pathNo. 3 or 4. I chose No. 3, as this path should be shorter.

The labeling was quite good at first, the corresponding numbering easy to find. But soon I came to another crossroads. From then on, unfortunately, it was not obvious where I had to go. So I went straight ahead.

Strait circular hiking trail

After about 10 minutes suddenly this: a dead end. So that was the wrong way. I had to go back again. The way back was almost more beautiful because some wafts of mist moved through the forest and bestowed it something mystical. On the one hand the sun shining through the leaves, on the other the mist. So beautiful.

After another 10 minutes, I came back to the crossroads where I went straight. Since I had looked at the map before, I decided that it would be the right way to the left, up the mountain. The slope was initially moderate and pleasant to walk. But that should also change soon. About at the height of the dead end the path suddenly bended to the left. Behind the bend a steep, not really developed path full of stones and mud holes was waiting for me.

Well, I knew that the way would not be flat. But that I almost would have needed a mountaineering equipment was a bit surprinsing to me. But I went on and climbed up the hill. So early in the morning no one else is in the forest, the light falls golden through the leaves and you hear nothing but the birds!

I give up…

At the top, I turned right. Theoretically, this should have been the right way. Unfortunately, I have not seen any signs here either. After about 10 minutes I decided to turn back, because the cell phone reception was not very good and I did not have the faintest gleam, whether I was really on the right way.

On the way back I took one or the other branches leaving the main path and discovered beautiful, almost mystical places in the forest, which one cannot see from the main path. Don’t worry, I stayed on forest trails and didn’t run wildly through the woods. The places invited to linger and have breakfast. And as I had no hurry to come back to the car, I stayd a while and just enjoyed the nature. But eventually I reached the car again.

More impressions from the beautiful forest at Nassach

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I was not really hiking this morning, more wandering around. But I have found beautiful places in the forest. And next spring I will probably find the correct way.

Do you know the Nassach Valley? What are your tips for walking around?

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