Not the oldest, but with 280 stands and around 4 million visitors (booth 23. December 2011) One of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany is the Christmas market in Stuttgart. So we were in Stuttgart on a Saturday afternoon to look at the Christmas market.

Christmas Market Stuttgart
Christmas Market in Stuttgart

Arrival by car

Especially Stuttgart is known for its outstanding traffic! Outstanding many building sites, a great deal of traffic jams and the parking prices are partly also extreme. When we drive into the city, we always park a little outside, the parking garages Tivoli and at the song Hall are priced quite OK. However, the Tivoli is a bit cramped at the intake and exit, so you have to be very careful with larger vehicles. The evening fare is about €3.5 (Lieder Hall €6). And at €1.50 per hour (Lieder Hall €1.9) quite cheap. Those who are good on foot are also in 10 minutes at the Christmas market.
If you don’t like to walk that far, you can also park in the city centre, but the hour may cost €3 at a maximum rate of €20 (Tivoli €12).

Arrival by Train

The journey by train is certainly the most recommendable in Stuttgart, if you come from outside and drive alone. Unfortunately, the prices in the VVS are so high that for example it is hardly worthwhile to ride by train, if we are two already double not. Stops from which you are quickly at the Christmas market are for example city centre, Castle Square or town Hall Square. From the main station you can also not go so far. It is hardly worthwhile to switch to another train, you should come by the first train or train only to the main station..

On the Castle Square runs a train


On the Christmas market, there is pretty much everything there is on other Christmas markets. Candy, Christmas decorations, covers, candles, stuffed animals, kitchen accessories, cribs with matching figures, jewellery and of course lots of food and drink. At a booth there was tea and spices, I took some things with me. I have also indulged in a delicious white mulled wine. And a Langos, a Hungarian speciality that is widespread here in the south, but which we do not know in the Ruhr area. For that we have Poffertjes at home, and they are not known here.

Christmas Market Stuttgart
Tea light glasses at the Stuttgart Christmas Market
Christmas Market Stuttgart
Even more tea lights
Christmas Market Stuttgart
Christmas decorations
Christmas Market Stuttgart
At noon it was still not so crowded


Since we have already met at 13:30, it was of course still bright. As a result, the crowd was not as big as it probably is on a Saturday night. Overall, the part of the Christmas market that we looked at did not please me so much. After more than 30 years of Christmas market experience, it is often only the same. But we skipped the Finnish Christmas village (Don’t ask me why!), somehow we went so far that we didn’t come by. Maybe I’ll make it to the Christmas market this week, and I’m sure I’ll stick to it.

Spices and Tea

Overall, I think Stuttgart is nothing special. The Christmas market is spread over several squares and alleys, and the whole thing is so slightly distorted. It also has a much more comfortable effect, but the offer has not really blown me away. I don’t know if it’s worth taking 2 hours of track, I think I’d rather be disappointed. But if you do the same as we do and visit Stuttgart at noon or early afternoon and then continue to Esslingen, then you are also worth 3 hours of arrival!

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Have you been to the Stuttgart Christmas market? How did he like you? Or do you have any other recommendations? If you have written about it, then please link your post in the comments!

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