Yogi Tea Black Chai

I love tea. Especially black tea, chai tea and green tea. But also other teas. Over the last four weeks, I've bought pretty much all the varieties I've known to date in the supermarkets that I've been able to find. All right, not all of them, but very many. Among other things Yogi Tea Black Chai.


Until then, I only knew the "neck tea" that my mother gave me last winter when I was so bad cold. He tasted very good to me. Since I did not get a yogi tea where I used to be, I forgot the brand again. Here in the Outlands of Stuttgart, however, it is different, in many supermarkets a (mostly unfortunately small) selection of different Yogi tea varieties in the tar matter.

And because my friend likes to drink chai tea (especially the one from Starbucks), most of the varieties I've found in the supermarket but didn't taste so good (they were mostly on Roibush basis), I have been looking at the quite promising Looking ingredient list The Black chai so bought.
In addition to 32% black tea, it contains various spices such as cinnamon, anise and carnations, but also rooibos. In the pack are 17 tea bags of 2, 2g. All ingredients except the cinnamon extract come from controlled organic cultivation.

I've filled a large mug to 2/3 with hot water and let the tea take a few minutes. The rest I have filled with hot milk and spiced with some sugar.
Small tip: You can also use the bag a second time, then the tea is not quite as strong as the first infusion, but also not a bit bitter.

I really enjoyed the tea, so far the best chai you can buy at the supermarket. I have also taken the sweet chai, but have not tried it yet. I think I'll catch up with you soon.

My recommendation: Be sure to try it!

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