T-shirt by hangover Likoli

Last month I got a request from Tomcat Likoli, whether I want to test and report on one of their T-shirts. Now that I have heard from you more often and you have some really cool shirts on offer, I was naturally very pleased with the question. At Likoli, T-shirts are sold, which were designed by different people. Basically, everyone can submit a suggestion, it is then decided whether it is also accepted and printed as a T-shirt. You can choose shirts for men or women and also has a very good selection of sizes (s to 3XL)


In a motif I had to think of my friend immediately, because it fits so nicely with him. So I looked at the motifs with him and what motive did it become? Just the same I would have chosen for him alone! It has become the motif "one More level" (t-shirt design by Kristijan, Belgrade). And since he's so big, I've ordered 3XL.


The shirt by Hangover Likoli

The T-shirt arrived very fast and well packaged with us. According to the homepage, almost all shirts that are ordered before 4 pm are coming from next business day (exceptions are of course always). to the T-shirt in addition, there was a Lolli, which my friend also immediately snatched under the nail. Besides packaging and working with the blog, there is nothing left for me. But what do you not do everything for his beloved, even on the sugary I have renounced for him! 😉 The shirt has a very good quality, it is pretty thick, so not a cheap T-shirt with a ironed picture, as one unfortunately has it sometimes. The shirt is even a little too far to my friend, something that he experienced with his size (just 2m) and his tummy very seldom. Try to buy clothes for long people, and if the long people then weigh more than 90kg, it becomes even more complicated. Not with Hangover Likoli!


Even after washing (the shirt is best to turn to the left to save the motif) and the ironing, the T-shirt looks even tiptop! The shirt has not warped, the motif has not solved, it has no color lost, in short, the quality is right. How it beats in the long-term test has to show up, of course, but the first impression is very good. For 19.90 including shipping, there is clearly nothing wrong here!

And as the devil wants it, my friend has of course today put on the shirt again, so I can not even take a picture. Good that it is so warm in the office, otherwise not even someone would see the cool motif! His colleagues also found it very funny when he first came to it and I think it fits him like ar… On buckets.

For all those who are looking for an unusual Christmas present, the shirts of hangover Likoli are definitely recommended! And if you are looking for something for the summer, just stop by!

Do you already know the T-shirts of hangover Likoli? What do you say? Which is your favorite motif?

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