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I have presented to you here our latest achievement, pictures from America. And as already written, the format does not conform to the standard German standards. Thus, we had to make picture frames in custom sizes. It's easy with wunsch-bilderrahmen.de.
We decided to design Munich, high-gloss black with anti-reflective anti-reflex acrylic glass in the size 29, 845×91, 23inch (converted from 11, 75×36 inches). Whether the frames are really accurate to the millimeters, we have not measured, but the pictures fit perfectly in. In exactly the size, a frame costs €38.19. Whether this is expensive or inexpensive, we cannot say, as we have not compared the prices with other providers.

Ordering the picture frames

The ordering process is quite simple. On the page you simply specify the size of the image, choose the frame shape and color, the type of glass and whether you want a Passpartout or not. In the case of a specific format, it is of course important that the image is measured in millimeters or that it is accurately calculated (that is why we also have these horrible numbers). Otherwise there is a risk that the image will not fit or you may see something from the back wall. Note: The Lichtmaß may be slightly different from the size of the image, meaning that the frame can obscure part of the image. If you want to see the whole picture, you have to adjust the size accordingly. But we just entered the dimensions of our images without having to scale around and it all fits wonderfully. To size, the desired picture frame says the following:

The information about the image size (width x height) refers to the Bildmaß. So give the exact dimensions of your poster, photos, picture etc. To. Keep in mind that your image will be covered by the frame (6mm) on all four sides. There are already two brackets on the back of the frame that allow you to hang the frame horizontally or vertically. For particularly large image formats, sizes of up to 158 cm are possible, as long as the short side is no longer than 9inch.

It is easy to pay by instant transfer, PayPal or in advance. It is delivered with Hermes or DHL, where Hermes €3 is cheaper than DHL.

Packaging and Shipping

The frames were all packed very carefully within a week of receipt of payment from us, but an acrylic glass pane was slightly damaged. After we have submitted photos, we have received a replacement disc within a few days. The service is really great in this respect. As the only minus point I feel that you can only order in centimeters and not in other size formats. It would be nice if you could, for example, enter the size in inches/inches. So you just have to convert yourself and round up what goes with Google, but not as nice as if the page would show the size directly in inches.

All in all we are very happy with wunsch-bilderrahmen.de and will be able to order frames there again in the future we should buy pictures in a certain size. Where do you buy your picture frames? Have you ever ordered any sizes?


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