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I was allowed to choose a photo gift for an honest and independent test on I chose a serving tray for which I shot and edited extra photos. In addition to the tray, there are also, for example, subsetters, cell phone covers, magnets, cereal bowls, mouse pads, different types of stickers, pillows and much more.

The home page is quite clearly arranged, offers are highlighted and the product categories are also nicely sorted in the top line. Small tip: takes part in the payback points program, simply log in to payback, select the shop and score points. The payback app is of course also.

Order process

The order was absolutely simple and smooth. After deciding on the tablet, I was able to choose whether to have a photo, several photos, or a photo and text on the tablet.

Selection options
Choices for Tablettgestaltung

Since I opted for a photo collage, I decided here the "without design" selection. Just upload the photo from your phone or PC, ready. Only the term "tablet" could have been added to PC, it is at least not self-explanatory that you can upload images directly from the PC. If you like, you can also edit the image (under effects, for example, convert it to black and white or an "oil painting").

Various machining options
Effect editing

Once you have finished editing, you can save the image and go to the shopping cart. Here you follow the instructions and can also create an account if you intend to order again in the future. Immediately after ordering you will receive an e-mail with the order information.


I ordered Monday after work, the order was finished just before 5:00 pm. Already on Friday the tray arrived with me, although a delivery date was only for the 6th. was announced in October. Unfortunately, the first delivery also did not quite meet my expectations. The cardboard was broken and was only kept together by tapes. The tray was packed very well and had no visible damage from the transport, however it is warped and is not just on the table but wobbles quite badly, since one side is about 7mm high. I can't say whether it's a production error or what came through the delivery. Also, there seems to be a water spot or something similar in the photo. Unfortunately, this is not so well photographed. On my mail from Friday evening, however, I immediately received an answer on Monday morning that a replacement tray has already been commissioned and sent to me as soon as possible.

Carton 1.1
Packing of the first delivery (re-assembled, since total decay)
Tray 1.2
Defective processing

This time it took a bit longer than the first order. I gave up the first Monday evening and got the tray on Fridays. The second print was commissioned on Monday morning and the package was delivered on Saturday.
Unfortunately, it looked quite taken again. I get packages and packets very often, but they don't even look when a carton has been re-used for the umpteenth time. Glued only with a tape in the middle of the carton. After all, the tray has been packed in very thick bubble wrap (as it did the first time).

Carton 2.1
The second carton is also tattered

Carton 2.2


Very good packaging of the ordered product

Since it did not work so well the first time, I naturally doubled and tripled the tray this time. It just sits on the table and doesn't wobble. This time there were four adhesive films that were either missing at the first charge, or I just didn't see. The photo also has no water spots, but what bothers me is that it is not really right angles in the frame but something wrong. After all, I gave myself real trouble in the processing.

Tray 2.3
Dimensions: 48.00 x 35.00 x 5.50 Overall a very nice tray


Tray 2.1
Dimensions: 48.00 x 35.00 x 5.50 Overall a very nice tray

Visually I find the tray very nice. The edges do not go straight up but are slightly bent outward. And I like the color of the wood very much too. The rounded handles are very nice in the hand and the tray also convinces with a pleasant weight. The screws are flattened and on the whole tray there are no rough or sharp edges or corners to injure yourself. It also makes a very stable impression.
The photo quality in itself is top, the colors are shining, the sharpness coincides with my original and there is nothing blurred or spotty. Just like I mentioned before, the photo is too crooked. Unfortunately, I also found a flaw this time: an unsightly scratch in the wood.


Tray 2.2
A scratch in the paint

My conclusion

At Smartphoto there is a really great selection of photo gifts and other photo printing options. Although I did not compare the prices with other providers, I find the prices reasonable at first sight.
The ordering process is very simple and you have some design possibilities if you do not want to tinker a collage in advance. The steps are understandable and basically everything is really self explanatory without pitfalls.
I find the delivery time appropriate, I would also like to wait 1-2 days longer if there is a decent quality control for it.
The outer packaging of the product was damaged both times, so something must not actually be.
Also, the tray has not become perfect both times 100%. The scratch could have been overpainted or the side part replaced completely. After all, it just stands up and no longer wobbles, like the first tray. The second photo has no water spots, but also does not sit 100% just in the frame.
Overall I have to say, if I hadn't got the tray for a shop and product test for free, I would have been very annoyed. At a price of around €50 I expect personally flawless merchandise without scratches, water stains or Wackler. I can't recommend the tray itself, but I personally expect a lot more for the price.
Since the photo quality has convinced me overall and also the customer service has reacted very quickly and kindly, I may have another photo gift, but certainly photo prints of the November forthcoming silver wedding of my grandparents Try.

Thank you for providing the photo product!

You can find more information about Smartphoto under

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