MTB Digi-Charger in Test

A few days ago I got free of MTB a charger for Canon digital camera batteries (output DC 4, 2v/8, 4V, depending on the battery type), the MTB Digi-charger.

The charger can be used in the house at an electrical outlet (100v-240v) as well as in the car via the cigarette lighter or another 12v-24v power source. The supply includes both a power cord and a car adaptor.

The assembly is relatively simple, but I personally find the plug a little short (a few inches shorter than my Canon charger). I would have liked a longer cable so I would not have to put the charger on the floor or a chair. As an alternative, I only have the kitchen to charge, but most of the sockets are already occupied.


The car adaptor, on the other hand, is sufficiently long. This makes it easy to place the charger in the rear seat while driving, or (depending on the position of the cigarette lighter).

The charging time is good, it is not significantly different from the original charger. Only the MTB Digi-Charger gets very hot when charging, which is not the case with the Canon charger.


Overall, the MTB Digi-Charger is a very solid product, which I can recommend in principle as well. What bothers me personally, however, is that even after a short load time of about 5 minutes, the device gets very hot. The Canon charger is much cooler at approximately the same charge. So I think I'll use the charger primarily in the car. Besides, I will not charge my battery unattended. Especially since the Canon camera is usually always sold with a charger. As a secondary charger or if you are travelling a lot with your car and want to load between your battery, however, it is a good alternative.
Even the somewhat short cable is not ideal, but should not be an exclusion criterion in my opinion.

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