Do you also make these 5 mistakes in your New Year’s resolutions?

The new year has begun. At the beginning of the year we are mostly fully motivated and close a lot of good new Year’s resolutions.

But with the motivation it is often such a thing. The first days of the new year are already over and I like to bet that the same is true for most of the year’s resolutions.

Do you want to do more sports at last? Weight? Or did you make a lot of shopping in the new year? You finally find a job? Let the paperwork no longer lie down until the mountain falls by itself?

All the best and important goals that demand a lot of stamina. At the latest, if in January there is a working day again, it is also over with the motivation to change something. At least I really like it a lot.

But with some tips and tricks, the motivation remains longer and you manage to save your good intentions beyond the first week of January.

New Year's intent

Error number 1: the wrong motivation

The most important reason why you’re breaking your New Year’s resolutions is this: you don’t stand 100% behind it! You’ve closed an intent out of the wrong motivation.

What kind of target did you put in and why? Do you want to take off because the best friend just tried? Or because you realize that after the first floor stairs, the air stays away? Why do you want to stop smoking? Why do more sports?

Only if you have the right motivation will you be able to do whatever you have done. Think every day about what you didn’t do well with your previous lifestyle. A intent is not worth anything if you meet him because all the other resolutions are being taken. Stand behind your decision, totally! You must be 100% behind your target.

Only then can it be possible to change or improve something. And without a fundamental change, every New Year’s intent will be forgotten more quickly than one is fond of.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
Highly motivated!

Error number 2: You want to do a lot at once

Anyone who wants too much but does not achieve everything so quickly, is quickly demotivated. Better to always go in small increments to his goal than to abandon altogether. Jogging every day? Yes, would be good, but at the beginning not enough also three or four days a week to do sports?

It is not necessary to create a marathon immediately, but also to increase slowly. If one places too big targets at once and does not reach them, then the danger is great to give up altogether. To prevent this, we must at least set intermediate goals or plan your goals in the long term and realistic.

Weight-off also does not happen overnight (unfortunately!). There is enough time until summer, if you manage to lose 0.5 kg every week, then you lost 12kg in 6 months!

If you want to find a new job this year, make a plan. In the first week, you bring your CV and your documents to the fore. In the second, you update your profiles on the different job boards (or put new one). And from the third week, you’re looking for job ads and writing applications. 

Error number 3: You are waiting for the right time

Today it’s raining, you can’t go jogging. You have to work for a long time tomorrow. The day you meet. Yes, and then you have to get some rest from all that stress. Oh, the ironing. Clean it first.

Do you know? Me too. There’s always something more important. The time to quit smoking is unfavorable, because it is this birthday on Saturday. Go shopping less? But right now it’s sale, you can’t miss it!

Who is looking for finds, above all one can easily find reasons why you should wait with the diet or not start with the sport or is now the wrong moment to quit smoking.

The right time to start with things is always now. So don’t wait for the right moment, but start implementing your plans immediately!

The right time

Error number 4: You don’t change your lifestyle

Unfortunately, in order to achieve something, it is not enough to grasp a few good intentions and to try to incorporate them into everyday life. You have to change your entire everyday life to not fall back into old patterns.

To take off, you have to do more than three times a week to do some sports, you also have to adjust the diet. But you don’t take off sports. So just shop differently. More self-cooked to take to work. or drop a meal if you’re not really hungry.

It often helps to avoid situations that seduce us. Why do you have to go shopping when it’s winter/Sommerschlussverkauf again? Ask your friends not to offer you cigarettes anymore. Don’t go past the candy at the grocery store.

Whatever your goal is, if you don’t change old habits, you won’t be able to hold on to your intentions in the long run.

Error number 5: You are not looking for support

If you want to be successful in the long term with your New Year’s resolutions, then it is easiest if you have someone who supports and motivates you. If your partner, or your partner, also resets his diet and eats less chips and chocolate, you will not be tempted so often.

A running group or a course in the gym will help you stay tuned for the long term. When you are no longer in the smoking corner with your colleagues, but in the coffee kitchen, you automatically think less about smoking.



Not losing sight of your goals and motivating yourself anew every day is very difficult and only possible if you are firmly convinced of your goal and ready to change your life accordingly. Sometimes this means avoiding situations where you could be relapsed (do not stand with colleagues in the smoking corner and talk for example).

You have to set realistic goals and not too much at once, so that you will not be too disappointed by setbacks and throw everything over the pile again.

Maybe you write your goals on a big piece of paper and put it in a place where you see it every day, so that you remember every day what you want to achieve!

Motivation by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
The right time: Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

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