Christmas has been over for a few weeks now and the new year is slowly taking off. Of course, there is little thought about the next Christmas. Or at least on the planned vacation. Whether it's a gift or a flight, it won't be cheap in any case. But with a few tricks and some discipline, everyone manages to save a few euros by the target date. I have already told you in detail how you burn your money at the supermarket and in the household. Why don't you write

Germany is the German favourite country of the land. Why? Because it's beautiful! Many beautiful places are just a little hidden and outside the big tourist places. For example, the Nassachtal I want to introduce to you today. Uhingen at Nassach A sunny Sunday morning in the second half of August, I was awake at a very early age and decided to go to the forest in the early days and take pictures. For the first time I wanted to hike the trail No. 3 near Nassach. On a hiking

Recently I have already explained to you how you successfully burn your money in the supermarket. So that you can continue to burn as much money as possible, I would like to explain to you today how best to do this at your home. 1. Never tidy up his kitchen cupboards Don’t you dare clean up your kitchen cupboards! Or even set it up so that you can always see what you have in your house. In the end it is not worthwhile to go back to the supermarket because

If you want to know how to successfully burn your money in the supermarket, I have 11 superuseful tips for you today. Warning: Non-compliance with these tips may result in you still saving your money in the end! 1. Never write shopping lists Shopping lists only limit you. If you stick to the shopping list meticulously, you’ll end up buying only what you really need. Where is the fun? It’s much better to just see what the supermarket has to offer, grab what you like and stuff the shopping cart

The new year has begun. At the beginning of the year we are mostly fully motivated and close a lot of good new Year’s resolutions. But with the motivation it is often such a thing. The first days of the new year are already over and I like to bet that the same is true for most of the year’s resolutions. Do you want to do more sports at last? Weight? Or did you make a lot of shopping in the new year? You finally find a job? Let the

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