Guest review by Gabi: ESGE Wand m 100 D design

To my great delight I was able to test the ESGE magic wand m 100 D design.
Via, Unold AG has provided a large number of test equipment.

The package contained the ESGE wand m 100 D with a Multifunktionsmesser and a wall mount. A manual and a catalogue have also been supplied.
I have received the ESGE magic wand m 100 D design in white color. You can also get it in red or black. It's a 2-step model, S. Eth. Data. The device is GS tested and has a safety touch switch to prevent unintentional commissioning. When the switch is released, the device is switched off immediately.
The Multifunktionsmesser is made of stainless steel, making it even cruscht ice cubes according to the manufacturer. However, I have not tested this yet. It is suitable for all food products, whether hard or soft. The ESGE wand is a true all-rounder, it is even used by star chefs. No matter if it's for meat, vegetables or baby food. What I still find good is that the wand has an ergonomic handle that is well in the hand.

Technical data
Watt 120
Volt 230 V-
50 Hz
Level 1 u/min 7 000
Level 2 RPM 10 000
The cable is 165 cm long. The wand has a total length of 35 cm, the immersion depth is 23 cm and weighs approx. 940 g.

The following accessories are available for purchase:
Impact Disc
Meat Knives
Tripod White
Magic Base
ESGE Crusher
ESGE Zauberette
Zauberette-Raspelscheiben, fine, medium, coarse
Zauberette-cutting discs, fine and coarse

Now to my attempts

First I wanted to know if I can make egg with the magic wand. Of course that didn't work with the Multifunktionsmesser, I need a disc. Unfortunately, I read that too late. Unfortunately, it is only available through the chargeable optional accessories.
My next attempt was a GUGELHUPF from sponge. The sponge with the ESGE Wand has worked out beautifully. After that I tried different recipes from the user manual.
The semolina and the spicy potato soup were delicious, but I didn't necessarily need the magic wand. But what I could use him well was for ice. I crushed frozen raspberries and combined them with vanilla sauce. That tasted more.


This wand is a good entry-level model. With cake dough, the wand is too heavy in my hand. Compared to another manufacturer, this wand is quieter. I still have a lot of ideas for which I absolutely need my wand. (E. G. for strawberry Jam). A great device and with appropriate accessories it can replace a food processor.
The next one will be, for example, that I'm going to mahle some almond cores and create a cream. Maybe I can also do it with apricot seeds and do a peeling for the skin. Do you have any other ideas what I can do with the magic wand?

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