The big shower applies: FA Magic oil

About Trnd I was selected to test FA Magic oil and got a great package with 3 shower gels and original size and 20 sample packs to give away.
I had a bit of bad luck, because one of the sample packs was completely leaked, so first I had to "shower" the Duschgelpackungen. That made my first impression a tiny bit tarnished.

The shower gel is available in the varieties "Pink Jasmine", "Blue Lotus" and "Ginger-orange". The sample packs are all in the fragrance direction "Pink Jasmine". I would have liked a mixture of all three varieties here.

We have very hard water here and therefore I tend to have very dry skin. With the FA Magic oil I have much less skin problems than with the shower gel that I have used otherwise. Just last week I had to shower because of a severe cold several times a day and was amazed that the skin had enough moisture even after the shower and did not start to shed.
How filthy you have to be to see if the cleaning power of FA Magic oil is good or bad, I can not say, since I shower almost every day, there is not much dirt that needs to, so the cleaning performance is sufficient for me.

My personal fragrance-favorite is the "Blue Lotus", the least I like "ginger-orange".
At the time the package arrived, my mother was visiting me.
Of course she got a couple of sample packs right before
I even tried the first shower gel myself. She also finds the smell very pleasant.

All in all, I have to say that I like the FA magic oil very much and will certainly buy it, because I just have a lot less problems with dry skin after showering and I also like the fragrance very much.

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