Esorio ® Premium Headphones in ear

About test reports. reviews/Have I been given the opportunity to test Esorio ® Premium Headphones in ear free of charge.

Scope of delivery and optics

The white headphones come in a very noble looking schwarzenVerpackung. The headset is delivered in a black box and is additionally packaged in a silicone insert. Below the rubber cover Bfinden additional attachments as well as ear cups. Two of the essays are for listening to music, one for phoning. The attachments have different sizes and shapes, so they are suitable for both large and small Ohrgänge. I feel the headset to be very pleasant to wear, I've had quite a few other headphones in my ear. The pegs are very soft and do not press. The back of the headphones is made of aluminium, which looks very good and improves the sound. The jack plug is gilded. The unpacking of the Headsetz was a little tedious, since it is very well packaged and both the Ohrklammern and the jack plug are located deeper in the silicone insert. On the other hand, there's nothing hanging out. I found the repackaging a bit more complicated, somehow the cable was always a bit too long.


Functions and technical data

The sound of the headset is very good. My old headset from Samsung has a button to accept and hang up a phone call, but that's it. The Esorio headset, on the other hand, allows you to pause the song you just heard, or to start and stop Owie calls and set the volume. This is especially handy if the mobile phone does not offer infinitely adjustable volume control, as is the case with my 640 XL. The headphone Sesitivität is at 93dB +/-3DB, the impedance is 16 Ω (the impedance is the frequency-dependent resistor. You can find more about impedance in headphones here: With 15g and a cable length of 1, 2m they are also very suitable for sports.

My conclusion

I am very happy with the headset and can recommend it to anyone. With around €14, Eszudem is very inexpensive. The value for money is very good, especially considering what is included in the scope of delivery and that you can do more than just accept and end calls.

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