EMSA "Mission Fresh"-Product test clip & Close fresh hold cans

In March I got the message that I am allowed to participate in the EMSA "mission-fresh" product test. All participants were provided free of charge 5 clip & Close fresh cans as well as three clip & close jars of glass.

WP_20160316_18_01_08_ProOne part of the test range was the clip & Close Glass set of 3:

  • Sizes: 0.5/0.9/2.0 L
  • 100% Oven: bowl of diamond Glass
  • 100% Dense
  • Lasts longer fresh thanks to unique seal
  • 100% Hygienic: no spaces-no germs
EMSA-Holding box-set-clip-close-Glass-369914_large
Source: https://www.emsa.com/produkte/frische-garantieren/frischhaltedosen/clip-close-glas-3er-set/

 and the clip & Close 5-set:

  • Sizes: 0.25/0.55/1.0/1.2/2.3 L
  • Lasts longer fresh-scientifically confirmed *
  • 100% Dense
  • 100% Hygienic: no spaces-no germs
  • 100% Harmless: Even certified for baby food
  • Integrated Quantity Scale
EMSA-5-Fresh hold canset-clip-close-342283_large
Source: https://www.emsa.com/produkte/frische-garantieren/frischhaltedosen/clip-close-5-teilig/

Both sets I have now tested and used several times, actually regularly in use, except for the 0.5 L glass jar.
In the 0.9 l can it is very nice to prepare a small casserole for 1-2 people, in the large enough space to get three to four eaters to fill. I made tortellini casserole on weekends and cooked it for work. From the large portion was still a lot left and additionally the 0.9 l portion… I could have eaten another two days of food, that's how much it was. Thanks to the included lids, the rests can be stored very well directly in the bowl. Due to the square shape and the flat lids, they can also be placed in the refrigerator in a very space-saving way and you do not necessarily have to refill the leftovers. The next day you can heat the contents of the jars without any further heating in the oven or microwave. But I take the plastic cans to work, because they are lighter and I would have to worry about breaking the cans on the way. Sometimes I'm pretty clumsy!

I have tried the cans to keep salad or garlic fresh (and also to take it to work), to take lunch for work to heat it in the microwave, to make casserole or simply an onion flower. The lids close completely tight, neither sauce nor water run from the cans. Salad actually lasts longer and the casserole has also tasted very good after four days and was not a bit dried up. Besides, I kept "stink cheese" in a plastic tin. In the fridge there was nothing to smell, the can rinse after once also not uncomfortable.

WP_20160322_001 WP_20160329_001 WP_20160413_22_20_27_Pro WP_20160419_05_12_49_Pro

Even heating in the microwave does not matter to the cans. I always put the lid so that a little air comes to the food and the cans are not completely closed. However, the lid of another can has now warped badly. But not with the EMSA cans, they are lids but also relatively thick and very stable. What I have not tried is whether the EMSA cans also survive a fall from the freezer compartment. Two older (cheap) cans got my boyfriend and I already broke. Do not take care to pull out the pizza, throw it down, corner broken or even can be torn. I don't know whether the EMSA cans are better here and I don't want to try it at all.

WP_20160410_002 WP_20160416_08_14_21_Pro WP_20160416_07_39_58_ProBy the way, they are dishwasher-proof too. Lids and cans are also clean in the dishwasher. In other doses I sometimes have stains on the plastic, apparently they are not so suitable despite the other indications. What I have noticed very positively, although the cans are transparent do not discolor if you store tomato sauce in them longer. My previous "Midday can" is now rather red than transparent, the color you don't get away either.


I have to say that EMSA cans have convinced me absolutely and I can recommend them to you 100%! By the way, I was not paid for this post, but already since I received the travel mug from EMSA for Christmas, I am absolutely enthusiastic about the products. When I was sick, I found out that cooked tea in the evening is even warm and tasty in the morning. 12 hours in a cup and still warm and edible, I did not have a thermos or a Thermosbecker! And like the cans, it is absolutely tight and also has a very smart closure, even if you drink in the train stay at the edge no droplets. Only hot is the coffee even after a three-quarter hour or an hour, almost a little too warm. But it's better that he gets cold right. 😉


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