BWT Table Water Filter-Magnesium Mineralizer

For delicious Scours I was allowed to test the Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter from BWT. Since we have very hard water here, we use almost exclusively filtered water. So far I have used a Brita water filter because we bought it years ago. The BWT table water Filter holds a total of 2, 7L, wherein the space for filtered water is about 1, 5l. It is available in various colors such as white, green or blue. My filter is pink, I think it looks pretty pretty.

Bwt_aktionsseiteThe following characteristics characterise the BWT table water filter:

Easy-fill function: a flap in the lid allows the easy filling of water without having to remove the lid.
Easy-control function: Counts how many times water has already been filled, indicating when the filter should be changed (after 100 filter operations or one month). Easy-Fit: Thanks to its sleek design, fits all common cool doors.BWT Mineralizer1

As already written, we always filter our water, whether we use tea, coffee or cook it for food. For one, it tastes considerably better, on the other it also protects our equipment. We did not filter the first few months and had to regularly descale the water filter. Personally, I have not noticed any difference in taste between the Britafilter and the BWT filter. Nor can I say that I feel really much healthier by the minarisierte water. However, I also seldom drink pure water but rather tea or verdünte juices. I guess the differences are covered by the taste of the drinks.
In a first search, it seems that the Britaersatzkartuschen are slightly more expensive than those of BWT. Overall I find the filter from BWT but better, because it looks more beautiful than our old filter, the filling is considerably more practical and the display still works. After we have used up the Britakartuschen that we still have at home, I will most likely be completely rebattered to the BWT table water filter.

BWT MineralizerkleinDo you know the BWT table water filter? Use it? or another? Or don't you filter? If not, why not?

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