Benecos Nail polish

I don't even know where I got the nail polish "Benecos nail polish", anyway he was suddenly in my closet, I had time and thought "Oh, it looks pretty, your nails are long enough, then try it out".
The colour is called "Tender Kiss" and is located somewhere between light mother-of-pearl and light lilac, but looks very shimmering-white in general.

About the Benecos nail polish

My nails grow in part really like weeds, unfortunately they tear from a certain length then quickly. But anyway, I have taken quite a lot of time, the nicely filed, clear coat applied and let dry very well and then applied the Benecos nail polish. Since I read before that it dries slowly, I have waited between the first and second shift really long. The opacity is rather medium-magnificent, a second layer must be absolutely necessary so that it does not look uneven.

After applying the second layer I have waited really long (normally I have waited only 1-2 minutes before I applied the second position, with this nail polish well over 5 minutes!).
After applying the second layer, the varnish looked much better. So I waited again and only then applied a final coat of clear coat and also let this dry.

Now I use nail polish rather seldom, since my nails are very happy to tear and overall therefore rather shorter than longer. Maybe the 20 minutes I used to apply the four layers were far too short? At any rate, the nail polish worked dry. Of course I applied the clear coat only when the last layer looked dry and no pressure points were visible when touching.


Anyway, although I thought everything went wonderfully, I barely spilled, the fingers looked pretty good, I suddenly had a big fat Mack in it! The varnish was, although superficially cured, apparently still completely liquid inside. In any case, I've carved quirks in several fingers when I put myself on the PC. Whatever I've done. Anyway, it annoyed me so much that I had to remove the nail polish again. One hour to put the fingers flat on the table is simply nothing for me and a UV drying device I beistze not.

Do you know the nail polish of Benecos? What are your experiences? Do you have any tips for me on what I did wrong?

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