Arctic Smart Charger 8000-5-Port Intelligent 40W USB Charger

Arctic has kindly provided me with an Arctic smart Charger 8000 for an independent test.

Small packaging, little rubbish

Despite the strike, the Amazonpaket arrived at me within the shortest notifies. The charger is very well packaged. It is a good thing to mention that unnecessary packaging material is largely dispensed with. The carton is just as big as is absolutely necessary and although the insulation material was dispensed with, the smart charger was completely unscathed at me.

Excellent workmanship
The Arctic Smart charger is very well processed. The surface feels very high quality and has no lace edges or protruding plastic parts. The rubber on the sides also fits and dissolves nowhere. Visually he's top anyway! The surface is Matt Mir the logo of Arctic and a very nice pattern.
Class performance
Also the performance is right, even with several connected devices it will not be hot. The phones have loaded just as fast as usual. We need a maximum of three connections in the house at the same time, but the ability to load up to five devices at a time is extremely good.
The scope of delivery includes, of course, the Arctic Smart Charger 8000 and a power cable, the required USB cables are not included. Thank you for providing the free test device. For not even €20, the device is definitely recommended for those who often charge several devices at the same time and/or have too few sockets.

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