Antique Febreze

About for me I was allowed to test antiques with Febreze. Since we have very calcareous water here (21 GdH), we also really need lime removers here.

There was a bottle in its original size and a whole lot of test sticks to determine the hardness of the water and discount coupons for antique Febreze. Since I bought the "normal" antique only just before the test, I could also immediately check whether the Febreze variant cleans equally well, better or worse.

To test the efficacy, I have approached the most difficult task that I could find with us: Removing a dried blue Tropfspur in the pipe due to a dripping faucet and a lime-copper mixture in the line. Bath.

Here the Tropfspur was still fresh

We have only removed the Trpfspur after we have taken a water sample to find the reason for the discoloration. Since the housing administration has left for 5 months, the track had a lot of time to dry. But with antique Febreze, some reaction time and a sponge, she had to be pretty well removed. After the second rinsing she had completely disappeared. So I'm completely satisfied with the cleaning power.
I personally do not find the smell so great, I rather stand on citrus in the bathroom. Nor does it last very long (which, however, since I do not like it so much), is not particularly bad.
Just like the normal antique, it takes longer for the valves to have lime stains again. After one year in the apartment and various withstand, antiques is for me the means of choice, even if in the future I would rather not buy the Febreze variant.


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